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Amanda Palmer Crowdsources New Video, Tweets Fans For Flash Mob Of Extras

Amanda Palmer standing Leave it to Amanda Palmer to combine crowdsourcing, Twitter and a flash mob to both give her LA fans a treat and successfully create a new ultra-low budget video. 

According to fellow Palmer supporter and Hypebot fan Mike Masnick, "one of her fans suggested the morning of the gig that she learn this song by Cat Stevens. So she did. And she went to the beach and a bunch of her fans showed up and she played some music and everyone was happy. And then they realized that the setting was great to film a music video. One of the people there was Danna Kinsky, who hardly knew Amanda, but is a filmmaker, and had her camera. Another person there was Lindsey Barnes, a photographer, who agreed to shoot some photos of the group. And, with the help of (actress) Kirsten Vangsness to corral and organize people, they created an impromptu music video...The whole thing (except editing) was thought up, organized and completed in 20 minutes."

Watch the video all the way to the end. After the song is done, Palmer shares a bit about how the video was made:

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