Apple Reveals Sept 9 “Rock And Roll” Event

Apple invite sept 9

Invitations sent to the media Monday confirm rumors that Apple with be holding a special event on Wednesday September 9th in San Francisco.  In the past, Apple has used similar events to unveil new music related products and services. But the only hint of what might take place on the 9th comes from the invitation's apparent reference to the Rolling Stones' lyric "It only rock 'n roll but I (or on Apple's invite 'we') like it."

Apple's lack of detail only leaves more room for speculation, some of which is based on insider clues and rumors and others are mere guesses.  The most widely circulated include:

  • Steve Jobs will appear…or won't
  • iTunes will add social networking
  • Cocktail revealed: This new multimedia experience is design to revolutionize the album with videos, photos, album liner notes, and other media.

  • The new Apple tablet device. Many think its unlikely that its ready for the public which would make Cocktail unlikely since the two are rumored to go together.
  • A cheaper iPod Touch line with more storage
  • Addition of a camera to the Nano and Touch
  • A fully updated iPod line
  • A major update to iTunes
  • An update for the struggling Apple TV 
  • Apple TV adds gaming

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  1. I wonder if Cocktail is going to be something accessible to indie musicians. Will it require coding, or would there be some sort of template to hold your media? Will indie distributors like CD Baby and TuneCore be able to submit Cocktalbums?

  2. I don’t think this will be a Beatles announcement, I doubt the representatives of the band would want anything to distract from the CD launch.

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