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Facebook 6% Of All U.S. Net Traffic, Twitter Stumbles

According to data from Hitwise, Facebook now accounts for 6% of all US internet traffic and continues to grow. Twitter has a fraction of that traffic and its growth appears to be stalling.  The light blue line at the bottom is Twitter.

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 U.S. visits on Twitter:

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  1. Does that take into consideration all the people who only use Twitter via text message or third party applications, such as TweetDeck?
    Most of the people I know who use Twitter don’t actually go to to tweet.

  2. Adam that’s a good point, and that’s what I was going to say. I haven’t been to in months, but I use Twitter all of the time. I use Tweetdeck for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, so I rarely go to those sites.
    Facebook is a bit of a different animal. Except for updating status, you HAVE TO go to That’s why their numbers might suggest a higher engagement.

  3. Good point from Adam…also, I’d be more interested to see Hitwise’s take on who’s providing the most referral traffic these days. I know from our own metrics that, as much as I despise the FB, it’s providing about 30-40% of our referral traffic.

  4. The full article at Hitwise says, “the above chart indicates visits to Twitter’s website, and does not include application and mobile traffic.” There are quite a few comments mentioning that this may under represent Twitter usage.

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