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Facebook And MySpace In Talks To Connect

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If You Can't Beat Them,

Connect With Them

Executives of both companies have confirmed that Facebook and MySpace are in talks to share some content via its Connect platform, which allows people to log into third party sites using a Facebook ID. The talks come at a time when some measurements show Facebook with twice the traffic of MySpace

Thus the urge to merge content. “Facebook is focusing on building the best technology which helps people share content, while at MySpace they are focusing on more a content-led strategy," Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, told the UK's Telegraph. "We would like to have their content, as we already do with many other sites, shared across our network because it is good for our users."

Many sites like iLike and imeem already make their content available on MySapce as Facebook Connect partners. “We are open to working with MySpace and are in talks with them at the moment. Owen (Van Natta, CEO of MySpace) used to work at Facebook and we are still very close to him.”

Van Natta confirmed the talks. “Partnerships are going to be a big part of our strategy moving forward as a lot of value can be derived from them. Facebook is about core communications with your friendship network, whereas MySpace is about congregating around popular content with people who share your interests.”

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  1. At first glance everybody gains from this, but who knows what happens when the two parties are so unequal in size and number of users. Will one devour the other until its unrecognizable? It will be interesting to see.

  2. now that myspace is trying to position itself as an “online hangout” they really need this to stay relevant.
    Facebook continues to dominate. Now if only they could stop pissing thier users off with blind updates.

  3. So Facebook comes in through the back door for myspace users who don’t want it? That appears like the pre-installed IE that Microsoft used to get into so much trouble with the competition authorities.

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