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Five More Worth Following

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Overwhelmed by Twitter-mania? From time to time Hypebot will help you sift through the tweet pileup to find the few music industry, tech and business voices that are really worth following. Here's the second installment of Hypebot's Five Worth Following:

  • @musicadium – Australian based flat free digital distributor (think Tuncecore Downunder) Musicadium uses its Twitter feed to share what's happening in the new music industry on their side of the worlkd and globally.
  • @cyberpr – The Twitter home of Ariral Hyat and her Ariel Publicity firm. Don't miss Ariel's recent Hypebot "Indie Maximum Exposure List" post.
  • @mark-mulliganMark Mulligan is the UK based VP and Research Director with Forrester Research and music and entertainment is his beat. He tweets smart insider info.
  • @sivers Derak Sivers started, ran and then sold CD Baby. Now he's devoted himself to helping indie musicians and the greater business community. His tweets are caring Insightful and often inspirational.
  • @musicandthelaw
    He's an entertainment attorney from Atlanta and that keeps his
    followers informed by retweeting from a wide variety of sources.

image from Check out Hypebot's first 5 Worth Following and the 4378 others following Hypebot on Twitter @hypebot.

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  1. This list is great and we’ll certainly be following them, so thanks….BUT….
    Do you think it might be cool to also list some ARTISTS to follow who are trying new and effective ideas in terms of making their own money?
    I lament the fact that artists are not talking to each other about what works as much as they could be.

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