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Move Over Billboard: Here Comes Ariel Hyatt And Friends' "Indie Maximum Exposure List"
Facebook Says "Give The Gift Of Music"

More Music Industry News: Google, RockBand, Virtual Teens On MySpace, Filesharing Morals & More

  • image from Google Analytics just got an upgrade. (Google) If your not using Google's free tools to analyze your web site traffic, you need to be.  That plus the growing number of site specific analytics like the new MySapce Dashboard and the powerful global overview tools of Band Metrics are all need to learn how fans are discovering you and the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Google and Bing both sign deals to add Twitter to their search engines. (Twitter blog)
  • GameSoundCon 2009 adds Rock Band Network Training Sessions - Two days of new GameSoundCon sessions will show musicians, publishers and record labels how to author their original recordings into gameplay files and sell their music as playable Rock Band tracks. GameSoundCon San Francisco will be held on November 13 and 14. (press release)
  • Popular teen site Meez announces virtual world integration on MySpace platform. (press release)
  • Freaks Of The Industry III: Thursday's CMJ Panels, Crassly Distilled (Village Voice)
  • The Future is Social, Not Search, Facebook COO Says (Epicenter)
  • Do Webcasters Play More Artists Than Traditional Radio? (Future Of Music)
  • More Musicians Realizing File Sharing Isn't Evil; Shakira, Norah Jones, Nelly Furtado Say It's Ok. (Techdirt)
  • image from Music Pirates are Immoral Cheapskates, Or Are They? Millions of people are downloading copyrighted music every day, using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent and LimeWire. Some argue that the music industry has brought on this behavior by refusing to innovate. Others, including the RIAA and some lone researchers beg to differ, and see other reasons for this deviant behavior. (TorrentFreak)