EMI Drops Lawsuit, Partners With Grooveshark
Universal Moves Thanksgiving Week Street Date

More Music Industry News: Spotify + Facebook?, Shazam $'s, RCA Pomotions, Soundcloud & More

  • image from curiouslypersistent.files.wordpress.comMusic Alley is hearing growing rumors of a possible partnership between Spotify and  FacebookDetails are few, but appears to revolve around easier ways to share playlists with Facebook friends. It may evolve into an app to play the songs with an announcement as early as next month. 
  • But Spotify is also wasting valuable time trying to negotiate lower fees with rights holders according to CNet
  • Venture firm DN Capital have confirmed that Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ("KPCB") has made an investment in its portfolio company Shazam, a growing mobile music discovery provider. This investment is one of the few by KPCB into a European technology company and recognizes the successful international expansion to date of Shazam. 
  • image from iadtmusicappreciation.files.wordpress.comRCA execs shuffle: Bill Burrs has been promoted to SVP of Rock Music Promotion for the RCA/JIVE Label Group and Adrian Moreira has been promoted to SVP, Adult Music, RCA Music Group. No offense to these very capable gentlemen, but do the majors need more Senior Vice Presidents or more foot soldiers toiling working the niches?
  • Dan Dougherty has joined MediaNet to head business development.
  • SoundCloud has appointed former MySpace SVP of strategy and global marketing Jamie Kantrowitz as its new board director.
  • Will the music industry ever extract real value from digital?  (Stereo Subversion)
  • Compadre Records founder Brad Turcotte with his wife Susan Turcotte has launched Turcotte Multimedia Group, the parent company of music consulting firm Amigo Music Group, Interactive Legal Tools, and Law School Downloads.