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image from mccammon.org Next Thursday, November 19th, Hypebot and The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA are presenting a special event with Amanda Palmer; and Hypebot readers have the chance to participate online. Prior to her concert performance that evening, Palmer, an artist who has been making headlines for her efforts to engage with fans, will answer questions about her experiences in the modern music business

You can ask Amanda directly what has worked for her, what hasn't and (almost) anything else. The event is free to ticketholders for Amanda's show. But image from www.100xr.comif you can't be there next week, we're soliciting Hypebot readers to submit questions and the best will be chosen for Amanda to answer live onstage. Submitting a question is simple – just comment below, and include your name (or nickname), where you're from, a brief line about yourself and the question. If chosen, Amanda will answer it. A recording and/or transcript of the event will be posted on Hypebot.

This is a great opportunity to ask an artist on the bleeding edge of Music 2.0 what it's really like out there. We're excited to see a wide range of questions from Hypebot readers all over the world, so dig deep and get creative!

Show details:

Doors open at 7:00PM. The chat will take place promptly at 7:45PM, followed by the can't-miss opening act Nervous Cabaret at 8:30, and Amanda Palmer at 9:15. November 19, at The State Theatre in Falls Church VA, just outside of DC.

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  1. I just seen a segment on her last night on Current TV.
    Ask her how much time she dedicates to tending to her social networks, twitter mainly, and of she feels that hinders here creativity. (lets see if she agrees with the Duran Duran dude)
    thanks bruce!

  2. I’m curious whether she thinks her efforts sell her music. It almost seems like the end product is Amanda herself that’s for sale – in all the discussion about her, the actual CD “Who KIlled” is almost a footnote. There’s so much focus on her lifestyle, so much discussion about it yet I bet some tiny percentage of of people who write about her (including the insightful philistine above) probably can’t name 2 of her songs.
    Does she care about selling her MUSIC, as a product? How is that going for her?

  3. Is it always you posting on the social networks or do others sometime do it for you? What do you think of the practice?
    Do you use any particular app like Tweetdeck to orgazize your social networking?

  4. Interested in the areas that Bruce mentioned above and specifically:
    What advice would you give to an artist who is brand-new to using social media as a marketing tool for building their fan base and want to monitize their efforts effectively?
    In your experience what is the absolute easiest way to accomplish this and how would you manage the issue of TIME? ie how much time should one realistically spend or assign to such a task?
    kevin j ryan
    Richmond, London UK (unfortunately I can’t make it to Falls Church on Thursday!)
    Music Industry Veteran – Can tell you all about the OLD WAY – want to hear about the NEW!

  5. I wonder if she’d prefer if things were the way they used to be – write a great song, get it on the radio and MTV, tour, make money, and live a mostly private life like rock stars used to do in the 70’s. Can someone still be considered a rock star if they need to crash on your floor when they come into town?

  6. If she put all the effort writing about sandwiches, the weather and her menstrual cycle into SONGWRITING instead, does she think she’s be a better musician? Songs are forever, most of the other stuff is bullshit, transitory ego tripping

  7. I work in band management.
    Where does Amanda think her career would be without Social Networking?
    What early DIY tools did she use to reach fans before Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other Social Networks were available?

  8. Eh, what? Go read Our Band Could Be Your Life, Dance of Days, and the new book Our Noise about Merge records, then rephrase your question.

  9. My question for Amanda (predictably): How does social networking help you focus on art’s connection to self-affirmation, health, cultural identity and spiritual truth?

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