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Introduce Yourself To The Hypebot Community

It's become a tradition for Hypebot to host online networking party.  For those readers outside the U.S., this time it's pre-Thanksgiving and the music business here shuts down here for four days. (F.Y.I. Hypebot will be publishing, though on a bit lighter schedule.)

This is one of those days when many of us are tied to our desks, but have no desire to do any real work.  So as a constructive solution to the pre-holiday work day blahs…


In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself…

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  1. mighty! i’m ed from
    what excites me? forward thinking dance music!
    what intrigues me? how the industry shift is going to affect those at our end of things, where 1000 sales is a decent result, when vinyl is no longer an option…

  2. Hello,
    I’m Neil, from NYC. I’ve gotten a bit more serious about making music lately — still a hobby right now, but I’d like to take it a step or two further (my bandcamp page, ‘light rain ends’, is linked from my name).
    What excites me? The atmosphere of DIY that is now permeating every shred of the music world. I love that I can record a song, and get direct feedback from internet radio listeners on the other side of the world in the next day. I love that anyone with a passion and a few pieces of gear can put a song on iTunes. I love that two people can record a song together without ever being in the same country, let alone meeting. It’s both an exciting and challenging time, and Hypebot is both a great news source and a real thought-provoker for me.

  3. hey everyone, i’m christopher bright. i make music for relaxation @
    the thing that excites me is that the playing field of the music industry has been evened out a bit, thanks to the internet’s coming of age…
    the thing that intrigues me is where we’re all going to end up. there are so many of us here from different places doing different things, and it seems to me that we’re in the middle of a big change. it’s coming around the corner and i just wonder what it’s going to look like when it’s all said and done…
    happy holidays!

  4. Hello everyone, this is Boris Rio , originally from Rio de Janeiro, working in NY producing Brazilian-flavored Electronic music. I am very excited about the way that the Music Industry is changing it’s business format and benefiting the small Labels & independent artists. There’s a lot to figure out about how to pay the artists what they really deserve, but the future looks bright.

  5. Hey all – Hypebot has been a totally indispensable part of shaping how my band navigates the current industry climate.
    I’m Marko and I play in a band called Stagehands, which is a Broadway musical-style rock band. The album’s one big story and all of us play a different character onstage and on record. It’s kind of like a cross between Green Day and Queen I guess, except a bit more strange.
    We just proudly released our debut album ‘The Silent City’ and we decided to give away Act 1 of two as a free download. You can check out songs at or
    Many thanks to Hypebot and the community for helping us shape our strategies for the album’s release. You all rock.
    ~Marko of Stagehands

  6. i run the record label blackcanvas records, and play guitar in the band mojave – an acoustic rock band from vancouver, canada. i also tweet… a lot.
    i’m currently excited about writing new songs… since the band is taking some time off from playing shows (after a heavy touring schedule this year).

  7. Hey hey!
    My name is Agata, I’m from Scranton, Pa. Just started helping manage a great local band A Social State who have just been together since the summer but are well on their way to doing some great things.
    I’m excited about constantly finding great new resources that will help me learn and promote the band, There’s lots of stuff out there, and trying out different approaches is good fun for me.
    FREE Download at the link provided

  8. Hi, this is Mirjam from BeatPick, we are an online music licensing organization and offer high (hand-picked) music quality and a 30% price cut on average market rate. What’s best? You don’t need to register in order to listen to our music, our high-tech system is quick, easy and efficient and there are no strings attached!
    At the moment we are working on our transfer to a bigger office, we’re growing fast, need more people and business is doing well. Curious? Give it a try and take a look at

  9. Greetings!
    My name is John from Chicago/Milwaukee. I write and photograph for Radio Free Chicago, recently covering Miike Snow, Sky Larkin and Wax Tailor. I am also developing a contributor base for another website.
    What excites me? Discovering vibrant music scenes in unexpected locations, particularly in Europe. The scenes in Swiss Germany and Paris are grabbing most of my attention.
    Email: un_melomane
    Twitter: @meandre

  10. I run a web dev shop called Factory Interactive that aims to help DIY artists and labels with their web initiatives.
    We’ve just moved into the music space after 10 years of building web properties for clients in other industries. Hypebot is a regular stop for us to get really useful info on what’s going on in the industry.
    We’re working with our first band now. This project will give us a fully developed website install for bands and labels that makes their site the definitive source for all info. It will give them access to the best audience building and direct-to-fan tools, but without forcing them to give up ownership of their data.
    Keep your eyes open.

  11. Hi everyone,
    My name is Arthur, and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I started an indie label called CEmuzik a few years ago, which initially focused on hip hop, but now we’re looking to branch out to other genres. We’ve released a few full length CD’s, as well as mixtapes and countless videos. You can view our site at
    I’m excited about the future of music for indie labels and artists, and how we’re in control of our careers. For years, the majors controlled everything from marketing, advertising, production, and promo, which lead to what we have now — disposable music and cookie cutter art. I love seeing artists trying different techniques to be seen and heard!
    Thanks Hypebot!

  12. Hi all,
    Reading along with you from The Netherlands. I’m a MA New media & Digital culture student.
    Currently I’m researching changing music collections while doing an internship at, a website that let’s you ‘tie all your music from across the web to one place, and share it with friends in real-time’.
    Hypebot definitely helps me with keeping up with the ever evolving music industry and the longer articles sure are interesting for me too! Keep up the good work!

  13. Hi all
    my name is Tim, I live in Wellington, New Zealand & work as a film sound designer during the day & musician/re-animator/space cadet at night….
    I’m launching a micro.dub net.label in 2010 so hugely appreciate hypebot!
    check out my blog:
    best regards from this side of the planet!

  14. Hey
    Giulia here, recently on hypebot more than everywhere else, for the perfect reading and the good thinking…
    my job: research, communication and marketing for the creative industries
    my background: undergr and postgr research dissertations on media politics and policies, and their influences on music audiences, industries and institutions.
    my career: 10 years of music labels promotion and art/music events production and promotion, especially digital and electronic (5 of which spent also researching on youths consumption trends and reporting on new media and arts evolution) – 3 of web 2.0 start ups development and management (experimenting with wom dynamics, crowdsourcing processes, new marketing models)
    now fascinated by: the digital music r-evolution

  15. Hello everybody,
    My name is Mark and I write music as The Enright House ( ) and spend my days interning at Terrorbird Media, helping out with music licensing, web design, video editing, and whatever else comes up.
    My other mistresses include ancient philosophy, 20th century art theory + classical music.
    I’m in favor of staying true and approachable, talking with fans, giving my music away in exchange for small gestures (tweets, email addresses, etc), pay-what-you-want pricing, limited release models bundled with download cards, and similar approaches to creating a sustainable niche-market career.

  16. I’ve just signed up for the Topspin course starting January 11. I’m really excited to learn the direct to fan approach. I’ve also created a new sub blog called Bombtoots which is a subsidiary of my where I write about the industry, music culture, and post links to quality music.
    I think next year will be the rise of online live shows that will be posted for sale as well.

  17. Hey this is Mojo from San Francisco Bay Area, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I used to drum in a band years ago and now play guitar and record as a solo artist under the name Mojo’s Army. What excites me lately is meeting other indie musicians online & in person and helping each other get a foothold in the music business. There are a lot of great resources online like Hypebot and it’s very encouraging to be able to tap into them and learn new things every day.
    I make groovy hard rock, check it out at where you can hear the latest songs and download one for free!

  18. Adam Wexler from Rank ’em ( ) where you can rank your favorite songs from all your favorite artists.
    once we gather all the fan favorites for each individual artist, it creates a powerful resource for accelerating music discovery. if you or anybody you know wants to express YOUR personal favorites, we have the platform for you.
    we’ve been invite-only since feb. 09…but we’re about to take the covers off in the the next couple months. if you want an early sneak peak, use the special invite code “MBUS” when you request an invite.
    hope everybody has a great thanksgiving & you’ll be hearing from us in the new year!

  19. I’m Jason, I’ve run a small indie label since 2007. I have played in a bunch of bands since I was a teenager in the mid 90’s, I’m in a band now that occasionally tours. I’m a tech dude for my day job. I get excited about writing long emails to the Hypebot editors telling them they aren’t indie enough.

  20. Hi! I’m Bridget – I run for an indie Label in Seattle, WA. I’m excited for the new year. I love reading hypebot, and I get excited about new media and how we can use it to reach more kids. I love that the music industry is shifting, and I feel like we can go with the curve and help shape it.
    I also love twitter.

  21. I’m a day-to-day manager for a popular LA rock band. Prior to this I worked ‘on the road’ for various bands as a tour manager for 3 years.
    Right now I’m working on some of the band members’ individual projects, as well as researching some of the new technologies & services that are available that we may want to integrate into our business. I’m also redesigning & redeveloping our management companies website.
    Just working in this industry and at this level excites me, every day I have experiences or meet people and its sometimes hard to believe that this is really happening. It’s a great feeling. Other than that, music still excites me just as a fan. I still spend a lot of time looking for new music and whenever I find something great I still get as excited as when I was younger. Now it is even more exciting because of the prospect of actually getting involved with the artist and potentially working with them.
    I have a blog that I occasionally put stuff on –
    I also have a twitter page that is growing on me (I really hated twitter at first)
    If anyone really wants to get in touch they can through either of those sites.
    Thanks HypeBot, and keep up the good work. This is by far my favorite music news site and an invaluable resource for all of us trying to make it in this new stage of the music business.

  22. Hello to all. My name is Jeff Scheel. I currently work as a booking agent that books clubs, casinos and corporate. I am the former and current lead singer/songwriter/co-producer for Gravity Kills. I am also in the middle of writing a book about the creation of local music scenes. Married for 14 years and the father of an incredible 4 year old daughter. I found Hypebot through everyones best friend Bob Lefsetz. I am on this site multiple time a day. Being that Gravity Kills is working on new material and the band was a product of the radio and MTV era, I am attempting, like many of you, to digest as much information as I can regarding the shift in the music business paradigm before we actually relaunch the project. Hats off to Hypebot for creating this forum for open dialogue. Best to all!

  23. Hello Hypebot-ers! My Name’s Chris Bolton. I’m a indie folk musician and work for HostBaby (CD Baby’s web host for Musicians).
    I do some social networking, blogging and podcasting for CD Baby and HostBaby. Hypebot is a great resource and I love sharing your music news with our clients and fans.
    Hostbaby Blog
    CD Baby Podcast:

  24. *smiles* And I enjoy you flogging the quote “connection to self-affirmation, health, cultural identity and spiritual truth” from here to TechDirt.

  25. Hi John,
    Maybe I can help you as a contributor to the other website. I’m a musician outside Chicago and freelance writer with a photographer wife. Let me know if you need help close to home.

  26. Hello Hypebot. I’m Sheer Zed, producer, label owner, poet and digital music consultant. I love Hypebot, it’s an excellent music industry blog and resource.

  27. Hi all,
    I’m a musician outside of Chicago who reads here a lot and is first time commenting.
    I’m excited by how much I can do by myself at this point in time, and excited by the open community sharing the know-how. I’m amazed at the power we have – and I’m amazed at the people who are reading with me.
    I’m overwhelmed by how big this world is, though now that we cracked the code.
    Love to hear from you, or friend me @ fb.

  28. Hello,
    My name is Brian Ball and I have the privilege of working with the world’s finest Independent Female Musicians on WomensRadio ( We will be merging our community ( into the new WomensRadio site and are *always* seeking new (and old) faces and talent to share with our audience.
    We want to work with any woman who has either touched or been touched by music.
    At this time, we are broadcasting via the internet, with plans to expand to satellite and AM/FM radio.
    You can connect with us on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and please feel free to contact me directly with any promotional/licensing/technical questions/needs via email (
    What excites me? Seeing communities/sites/groups such as Hypebot that are able to attract leaders and innovators such as those who’ve replied before me.
    A BIG thanks for all of the feedback and we’ll be searching you out for the freshest beats from the street!
    Oh, did I mention that we do not focus on any one genre? Only requirement is that there is a female presence…drummer, bass player, producer, etc.

  29. Hey Hypebot fans,
    I’m Constantine Roussos, musician and entrepreneur. I am launching the .music domain name extension for the global music community and the web:
    i.e www.
    We have assembled over 1 million signatures from musicians and at-large music support and would love to have you guys support this music initiative,
    Check it out at
    Happy Thanksgiving and keep on rocking!

  30. Hey Hypebot family!
    My name is Daniel Aguayo, friends call me Danny and clients call me Danny Dee. My corporate name is Dan lol. I have a blog called Digipendent where I cover the digital music space with a hip hop slant.
    I most recently served as Clear Channel’s Head of Social Media Biz dev.
    I currently consult for various indie labels through out the Northwest including
    I run an urban indie label
    Our flagship artist, Mistha FAB, has garnered tons of press for making a song called “Hit me on Twitter”
    I am a member of The Grammy Recording Academy SF Chapter and an intern for renowned web 2.0 guru Brian Solis.
    I am launching a series of
    My perspective comes from being involved with just about every area of the music game for the past 9yrs.
    I’ve acted as sales guy, street promoter, magazine publisher, intern, major label rep, club/radio dj, booking agent, ran a studio in Oakland ca.
    Im most excited about the possibilities of brand sponsorship/integrations. In the past few months we have secured sponsorships with the likes of Scion, Hennessy and Flip video.
    The advertising world is wide open to for artists to monetize their fanbases & influence via brand sponsorships. So much so that my partner and I have launched an agency,Social Agility, specifically to tackle that market.
    He and I have also formally announced an artist management & consulting company called Hyper-Active.
    I hope to build and network with all of you.
    Happy Holidays…
    P.S. I am also enrolled in the Topspin class this January.

  31. Greeting, this is Robin Fairbanks from Seattle where I manage Seattle Pop/Rock band… Shotty
    I applaud how Artists and Industry are working together in the sharing of information and ideas for the good of the whole rather than competitively and against one another.
    I come to Hypebot daily to read what’s new, what’s working for others and I’m always amazed at how forward thinking and creative you are all.
    Let’s keep up the good work. Strength in numbers as they say!

  32. Hola,
    Joe Edwards here. I’m a saxophonist from MD…insert standard fare about iTunes, albums and website. I enjoy long walks on the beach and hypebot. Learn a lot from this site…it’s a welcome resource to the struggling artists among us — I’m a part of the “us” and am excited to see what the future holds for music, as well as by the prospect of my grandmother’s apple pie.
    Happy Thanksgiving to urrybody,
    Joe E

  33. Hi everyone,
    I am Peter from the Swedish band Trabant . After been away from music for a few years, I am excited again to have the same kind of attitude as when we started. The new DIY era gets me that same feeling as punk and indie once did (and still do).

  34. Charlie Dahan – I am an Associate Professor at MTSU in the Recording Industry Department and an agent at The Rots Agency. I also am writing the discography for Gennett Records. Even though I am a professor, I, too, am taking the Topspin class in January and am looking forward to it. Previously I was the A&R Director at Shanachie Records for almost all the 90’s, a professor at Oneonta State and ran a label and production company called Larchmont Recordings.

  35. Greetings, all!
    Steve Keller here with iV/iV2, an audio branding company that specializes in original music, sound design, re-records, music licensing, branded content, mnemonics, brand strategy and audio post.
    We’re a creative community of composers, musicians, vocalists, artists, engineers and producers based in Nashville, TN and Frankfurt, Germany. We work with global brands and advertising agencies.
    I’ve worked in the past as a remixer, indie producer, A&R exec, publisher, brand manager and songwriter. iV provides me with the unique opportunity to use my diverse skill set in a way that reframes the “art and commerce” paradigm.
    I’m excited about the changes in the industry, and appreciate how Hyperbot keeps me connected to the various threads of conversation happening in the music community.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. Hi Hypebot Community,
    I’m Phil Kosch from the band Treaty of Paris out of Chicago, and the talent buyer of the night club Double Door. I’m excited about the new EP “Currents” Treaty of Paris is putting out Jan. 12th (ps – we have a headlining release party at Metro Jan. 9th in Chicago) We have played all over the US and Canada and will be touring a lot in 2010. Also, check out we get all the newer upcoming acts through chicago that would play a 550 cap 21 plus room. Lots of work on my plate, but I enjoy keeping busy and being active in the business. Have a great holiday!
    Phil Kosch or

  37. Yergh Entertainment are working on various projects worldwide.
    currently recording The Dandies @ Leeders Farm Studios with grammy nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith.
    Currently in the process of completing a few publishing deals worldwide.
    still doing A&r for upper 11 records
    stop by and say hello!

  38. I’m Paul Schatzkin – revered elder statesman, staunch McLuhanist, maverick and occasional bomb thrower.
    In a previous life, I was “The Perfesser” — that was the handle I used during the 1990s when I was the founder and CEO of “” That company was a predecessor of sorts to CDBaby. We sold it to Gaylord Entertainment in Nashville “before the bubble burst” in 1999, but Gaylord blew up it up within a year. The only remaining vestige of that enterprise is the toll free number that CDBaby acquired and still uses: “1-800-BUY-MYCD.”
    I took the Gaylord money and spent the “aughts” writing two “biographies of obscure 20th century scientists.” The first, a bio of Philo T. Farnsworth – “The Boy Who Invented Television” ( — was published in 2002; the second — “Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown” — is presently self-published but incomplete (
    In the past year I’ve crawled out of that last rabbit hole and begun surveying the digital music landscape, surprised at how much has changed — and how little. I gather my thoughts (many spurred by by things I read on Hypebot) at where I am observing the shift from digital downloads to cloud storage and streaming.
    I believe we are very close to the “end zone” if digital delivery: “whatever you want to hear, whenever you want to hear it, wherever you are — if the bastards ever let us.”
    Visit or follow me on Twitter, where I’m now known as “driver49.”
    Nice to meet you all.

  39. Well…
    My name is Jake and I play in a group called The Sweater Friends. We make hand crafted acoustic tunes (think The Plain White Tee’s meet Mr. Rogers). You can learn lots more about us at the place called “myspace”
    I get excited about the internet! As a college student, the web has allowed me and my band to interact with people and get out name out there without being able to tour and play a ton. The internet has done so many awesome things for music and music lovers. I love it!

  40. Gerry, music producer and audio engineer from Makati, Philippines. I run a very small indie label producing new talents with exceptional skills and unique compositions.

  41. Hey Hypebot Fans and Editors,
    I was a touring POP star in the 80’s played bass in ‘The Reels’ Australia’s best kept secret. We recently came out of hiding for a Festival Show with Nick Cave at All Tomorrows Parties, in Sydney.
    I know all about how a Major Label can stuff up a potential great Indie Band (The Reels)
    I write music am building a website (very early days). I’m looking forward to Interviewing a broad cross section of the New Music Industry for my future readers…. and I LOVE Hypebot.
    On Twitter

  42. I have had an indie label since 1978 and 2009 is turning out to be the most exciting and fulfilling year for me in the music business since 1981!
    We have the resurgence of vinyl and plenty of oustanding companies like Drastic Plastic/Impact are knocking on our doors to license. It’s found money.
    iTunes has been a life saviour the past 3 years and still dominate but we are finding it harder and harder to grow revenues with them and it is a minefield dealing with them. Their technical people are, well, too technical. Their business affairs people are a concerted assault on the environment. How many of us vendors could be bothered to print and sign the latest Mexico amendment?
    So we have finally thrown in our lot with Kevin Arnold and IODA. And we are off to the races, uploading more material in 3 weeks than we did in 3 years with iTunes!
    Tunecore is now unabashedly looking like shills for the dinosaur majors and the preferred home of vanity labels. IODA looks ready to become the major distributor of music, bar none.
    I used to scratch around the Velvet Rope for information, dating from its AOL days. It is now the industry’s virtual obituary column.
    Hypebot is just perfect for me. Arrives at breakfast time here in deepest South Africa and really provides timely information and an almost daily dishing of dirt. Keep it coming!

  43. Hi All,
    I’m Paul, living in the south of England (actually an ex-pat American but keep it under your hats) and I run Walking Oliver Productions, a Family Music company (quality music for kids and family listening) and CD label. We create, promote and distribute family music here in the UK and in the US.
    We’ve recently opened a distribution house for numerous other family music artists, most of them based in the US but some over here as well, with an eye toward bringing awareness and creating a market here in the UK for Family Music.
    Our websites are and any family music artists out there who want to get in touch, please email me at

  44. Hi, Hypebotters. I run a music business family of entities out of Drexel University in Philly called MAD Dragon UNLTD and it includes MAD Dragon Records, MAD Dragon Publishing, MADKo Concerts, DraKo Booking Agency, MAD Dragon Studios (we have 5 awesome studios), MADFire Music Video Productions, MADMerch, and a digital animation team. All of these are student-run and led by faculty (all of whom work in the music business). We’re dedicated to artist development, and our mission is to serve the artist in all areas. As a non-profit educational institution we can make the most out of our resources for the artist’s benefit without having to charge back everything to the artist. Some artists are: Hoots & Hellmouth, Matt Duke, The Redwalls, The Swimmers, Andrew Lipke. BTW, we love Hypebot and I use some of its articles in the classroom as points of discussion. Happy Thanksgiving! Now, off to cook.

  45. hallo, i am stefan from vienna, austria. i am a keyboardist, musician and producer in the style of NuJazz. I realy enjoy this blog. its my everyday info about music bizz and tech talk. i blog about the NuJazz scene in europe. this music style is a mixture of electronic inspired sounds and posibilities, and traditional jazz art of improvisation. you can read it on my homepage ( you can also listen to music of different artists and myself and comment music or articles. i enjoy it very much to read peoples opinion about my music and sometimes its the real start of something new.
    so i hope you enjoy what you are doing in music.
    stefan oberthaler aka keyminator

  46. Bonjour,
    (english follows)
    Je m’appelle Guillaume Déziel et je suis en quelque sorte l’apôtre de la gratuité de la musique au Québec (Canada francophone). Je crois que la musique doit être gratuite. Je crois qu’il faut vendre le produit dérivé de la musique (gratuite). Je crois que la musique est un produit d’appel. Je crois aussi que le Copyright limite les artistes dans leur processus créatif.
    Depuis 2007, bien avant que Radiohead choisisse la voie de la (semi)gratuité afin de créer une relation directe avec son consommateur, j’ai conseillé le groupe MV (Misteur Valaire) dans leur stratégie de mise en marché : Donner sa musique (contre un courriel) pour joindre ses fans, gagner en valeur (perceptive) et monnayer cette valeur sous forme de vente de produits dérivés, tels le spectacle, les vêtements, les droits d’exploitation dans des films, dans la pub, etc… Depuis, celle-ci a été reprise par Nin Inch Nail.
    Résultat, depuis septembre 2007, MV a donné près de 40,000 copies de son album Friterday Night via leur site officiel :
    Le 22 décembre prochain, selon les prévisions, le groupe aura l’équivalent d’un Disque d’or en demande pour leur musique. Au Québec, un Disque d’or compte 40,000 copies.
    Jusqu’à présent, j’ai toujours accompagné amicalement et à temps perdu ce groupe (qui compte mon frère et ses amis, étant tous 10 ans plus jeunes que moi) dans leurs stratégies de développement web. Cela a porté fruit! Des téléchargements de leur musique ont été faits à partir de 758 villes situées dans 49 pays différents.
    À compter de Janvier 2010, MV me propose de m’accueillir officiellement au rang de leur équipe. J’ai très hâte!
    Guillaume Déziel
    Blogue :
    My name is Guillaume Deziel and I’m kind of the apostle of free music in Quebec (French Canada). I believe that music should be free. I think we should sell the product of the music (for free). I believe that music is a loss leader. I also believe that the Copyright restricts the artists in their creative process.
    Since 2007, long before Radiohead choose the path of (semi) free to create a direct relationship with its consumers, I advised the group MV (Misteur Valaire) in their marketing strategy: Give their music (in exchang of an email) to reach their fans, gain in value (perceptual value) and monetize this value in the form of merchandising, such as concerts, clothing, rights exploitations for films and advertising, etc. … Since, this strategy was taken over by Nin Inch Nail.
    Result : since September 2007, MV donated nearly 40,000 copies of his album Night Friterday via its official website:
    On 22 December, as planned, the group will have the equivalent of a Gold Record “from a demand standing point” for its music. In Quebec, a Gold Record needs 40,000 copies sold.
    So far, I always helps on a friendship basis the group (which includes my brother and his friends, all being 10 years younger than me) in their web development strategies. This has paid off! Downloads of their music were made from 758 cities in 49 different countries.
    Beginning in January 2010, MV offers me officially welcome me to the rank of their team. I just can’t wait!
    Guillaume Deziel

  47. My name is Nick Hardy and I manage a pop/rock band from Nashville, TN called Parachute Musical ( | I also book tours for many other great Nashville artist.
    I’m most excited about how the music industry is free game!!!! If you have a sense of business and a little bit of creativity, you can plow your own path to stardom.

  48. Hi there Hypebotters,
    Hope everything is great! Please take a minute to listen to the great Swedish indie music (pop, electronic and more) I release by visiting the below page where you easily can listen to all acts and downloads lots of free mp3s inc. some cool remixes.
    And please do join the our Facebook-group to get all the news/ pre-listens/ videos and much more:
    I am sure you will find stuff you had no idea you loved! All feedback appreciated and I am always looking for good new contacts around the globe!
    Take care,
    Sebastian/ Wonderland Records

  49. my name is Tibor and when I graduate from law school in the spring i would like to work in the music industry. anyone know any music lawyers who need an apprentice? you can contact me at – would be appreciated.
    i also have an ill hip hop crew called Dr. RELAX.

  50. Hi I’m Frank from Doncaster in the UK. We run a music development organisation which includes a recording tudio, digital record label and FM community radio station.
    We’re just about to launch a music support network for Yorkshire and are very excited about txt to pay digital releases!
    Check us out at

  51. Hi everybody,
    my name is Rodja, hailing from Hamburg, Germany. I’m a project manager at finetunes; we’re providing all kinds of digital services (mainly known for being a digital distributor) to fine independent labels around the globe.
    At finetunes, we’re always thinking about how we can make the life of our label & artist customers easier and are constantly working on new tools and services that meet the demand of the ever growing and shifting digital marketplace. Distribution, sales marketing, digital promotion, sales analytics, monitoring, shop solutions – we’re a one-stop service provider.
    I’m excited (still!) about everything that the digital world has brought us.
    Right now we’re about to launch our so-called Promotool which enables all labels that are distributed by finetunes to handle digital promotion themselves. In short time our customers will be able to manage mailinglists, make available tracks or releases as promodownloads to custom usergroups and collect feedback in return from music professionals all over the world, without having to pay large sums or upload content again and again.
    If you’re interested in our services (there’s many more!) and want to learn what we could do for you, please visit us at or visit our promotool site at
    or get in touch with me directly at
    All the best,
    PS: Thanks a lot to Hypebot, one of the very few sites that are worth a daily visit!

  52. Hey Im Anthony, I’m a business consultant for independent musicians to asist them in there career on all aspects. From marketing to putting together and releasing there next release. I love Hypebot! I check it daily and refer others to this awesome site. Hopefully, I will meet you guys and the good people at Hypebot in 2010 at one of the many music conferences. You guys can follow me on twitter I just got one.
    Well gotta go it’s still some Thanksgiving left overs to gobble up.

  53. Hello Hypebot,
    My name is Jay Broyer I am an independent singer/songwriter from NH. I am just about ready to release my debut full-length album. I love reading hypebot daily to gain some insight into the best practices for getting my music out in this web 2.0 world. I’m just about to launch my new website I built in wordpress.
    I am currently trying to book 2010 acoustic gigs as well as starting up a band so we can bring the new record to life on stage.
    you can check out the tunes and grab a free download

  54. Hey All!
    Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday to those south of the border. I’m Jason Paul Johnston, a musician ( http://www.jasonpauljohnston ) and owner of a store Revolution Audio ( ) specializing in setting up people with home studios up here in Canada.
    Here’s what I’m excited about, with a question for all you music tech social networking indie folks…
    I’m putting together a download Christmas compilation Album with all proceeds going to our local food banks – My customers are recording and donating songs to the cause and we’re all excited about it.
    My Questions: To promote and sell this, I want all the features of ( pay-what-you-can / widget / download for free if you e-mail your friends ) without the larger cost (they take 20% + 5% service charge + use paypal only, another 4% or so) That’s almost a third of the money not going to the charity! I think their pricing structure is fine for typical commercial use, but looking for something with the same features and lower price. I have a page which I can do pay-what-you-can but no widget.

  55. hey,
    my name is Jörg from germany, part of the production team jr&ph7. I’ve been a regular visitor to hypebot for about a year just to stay up to date. I just got my M.A. in creative business process management at Copenhagen Business School and am looking for a job right now.

  56. Hey all, I’m brenden mulligan, founder of .. Always great to meet more excited people in the music community. Feel free to email me anytime at I’m also doing some artist consulting separate from ArtistData at
    Happy thanksgiving to everyone! Hit me up the next time you’re in Chicago, or say hi at the MusicTech summit in December.

  57. Well, just got this post in my RSS reader… might be a bit late, as you’re probably away for Thanksgiving already… Anyway, Happy Holidays to you all.
    I’m Didier, from France, reader of HypeBot.
    To make a long story short : I manage a Sound & Music Design agency in France, I blog on World Music (mainly Africa) and started a project for a “new kind of” label, based on management, publishing and net profit sharing.
    For those interested in knowing more about this “unLabel” as some call it, I can share some links (or, shamlessly, you can check ). Since I launched this project, I got many feedbacks, positive or negative, and would enjoy getting yours, as more docs are on their way…
    So far, I’ve started to work with 1 artist from Guinea, a famous Kora player and we’re about to release his 8th album, ranging between traditional and jazz. In a few weeks, I’ll be in Cotonou, Benin, to start working with a new Brass Band from this African city.
    Finally, I help some more artists to “struggle” with this digital era, managing their digital presence on various social networks or sites, and helping them start their digital distribution.
    In January, we’ll launch a site to help one great drummer from Burkina Faso Connect with Fans and give them Reasons to Buy and help finish his 2nd album (presales). Will be fun… 😉
    OK, have a nice weekend and connect with me if you feel so.

  58. Happy Murder for Merchandise Day, folks.
    My name is Greg Allis. I am a graduate student at NYU studying Music Business. I am a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and d.j. (albeit the last 3 poorly) and read Hypebot very regularly.
    I have a strong interest in hearing protection, and a strong desire to go back on tour, particularly hitting Europe, Japan, and Australia.
    No shameless plugs to speak of thus far aside from personal music preferences. I believe the music industry needs to strongly consider a subscription based payment model to help counter proceeds lost from p2p downloading, but that there will need to be a very lengthy discussion and model formed in order to distribute the proceeds of such to the artists in question. I believe in artist rights and feel the record companies should have been more diligent in protecting their most vital assets in the past.
    Although the major labels will continue to consolidate until Pepsico and/or Disney owns them all, DIY models will begin to put a larger footprint on the industry than they already have.
    Protect your ears, protect the artists, support when and where you can.

  59. Hello, I’m Ethan Kaplan, I blog at
    I’m the CTO of Warner Bros. Records. I run all consumer and label facing technology, but not IT (so no desktop support or anything, phew).
    I’ve been at WBR for four and a half years. Prior to that I got an MFA in Digital Art and Cultural Studies at UCSB. I used to work in the newspaper industry but left in 2001. I also run the REM site and since that started when I was 16 have become very good friends of the band.
    I am obsessed with technology and music, and bullish on the potential when the two combine. I don’t much tolerate industry apologists nor naysayers, as I think they’re both focused on a world that doesn’t exist anymore.
    And that is that. I’m always hiring engineers too, so yeah.

  60. FM Duke Black Tribe Coalition L.L.C. Rap/Hip-Hop Indie Label Cincinnati,OH
    About BTC Entertainment
    BTC Entertainment is a full-service record label, production company, and music entertainment company located in the Cincinnati area.
    BTC, which stands for Black Tribe Coalition, was founded and managed by Damin Lewis, AKA FM Duke, who grew up in the streets of Over The Rine (OTR) a neighborhood that has adopted the name of “Hell Town”.
    As a CEO of BTC Entertainment, FM Duke has established himself as an icon in the underground music community in the Midwest area. His aggressive attitude toward both live performance & music production has lead him to become one of the most well known artist & independent record label to be the most talked about in the Midwest Area. His is becoming a force to be heard in the music industry.
    The goal of BTC Entertainment is to help promote urban music and performers. Currently they are managing several artists, with 2010 scheduled releases.
    Yerp Yerp

  61. Hello, Im Shaun bless founder of souldiggaz productions. I love your site very helpful. I’m happy to know that I’m not crazy I told other peers of mine the music industry is changing no one believe me. I am also a founder of a few start up companies one is a entertainment web site In a nut shell im a music producer, webmaster, artist(digital and music) feel free to contact me about anything you guys are the best

  62. Hello Hypebot, My name is Mick, frontman of the band Gidgets Ga Ga based in Chicago…We are currently recording our next EP and are looking to connect with music supervisors worldwide.Happy Holidays to one and all!

  63. Dam! missed the party! But that kinda fits with my mantra; I’m so far behind, I think I’m first. I’m Jackie in NYC and I started a music company called Mamaloose Music where I take my songs from womb to tomb for my target audience which is 45 y.o. to dead. I’ve been trying to keep up with technology for indies to reach my audience directly with some amount of success and Hypebot seems to be right at the center of the indie action. Thanks so much for your efforts and stories.

  64. Hi! Mojo Bone, here, guitarist for Double A Daddies and an indie music producer/label broadcasting live from the tall corn in Indiana, USA. The new Double A Daddies album, “Sunday Depression”, drops Dec 12th. Happy holiday greetings, Peace, Love and Good Whiskey to all, and may you have a Merry Christmas!

  65. Greetings from Montreal. My name is Geoff Lapp and I’m a Montreal based jazz pianist. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am a big fan of hypebot.Thanks gents for all your work.
    I am the leader of the Geoff Lapp Trio(we play swinging jazz and originals) I’ve been working on some new material for an upcoming release, plus I am in the process of planning a tour to India. (a good way to escape Montreal cold)
    I’ve posted some of my tunes for a test drive here:

  66. Who I am: Hi all, I’m April from Cherry Bomb Promo, a Social Media Manager for bands.
    What I’m working on: Putting together a charity event in the Spring, getting “my” bands onto more playlists and reviewed in blogs, booking shows (at the request of some of my bands who are extremely frustrated with the lack of decent booking agents around here.)
    What gets me excited: new episodes of Family Guy, hearing the weatherman say it’s going to be in the 80’s, picking up my darling 7 yr old (who happens to be a big fan of the Beatles and Johnny Cash) from school

  67. Hi, my name’s Gavin.. i’ve spent 9 months putting a semi finished project together in LogicPro8 with some very talented musicians & desperately looking for a vocalist/artist to take into the studio in the New Year, work on the vocals & make this happen. I have pre-production demos at & am also looking for bass players & anyone who thinks they can add some creative input to make this project special. Will be recording/mixing at Brighton Electric Studios on Pro Tools, and have an amazing drummer on hold should the right artist turn up & it needs to become a live project.

  68. Greetings and Happy Holidays! Thanks for connecting on Twitter. I am an artist, you can visit my website at to listen to and download free mp3’s.
    What excites me is making art and positively impacting you with it. Thinking that it might help you, as much as it has helped me, is the best thing, next to hearing you say it and coming to a show.
    I speak computer…and am available for paid freelance work on website production, digital photography, audio visual ad production, and custom mix production for choreography.
    If you are interested in collaboration, visit the blog, and select the tab that says contact!
    😀 Thanks XOXOXOXO ~Asia Lakay

  69. Hi!
    I’m Marja Ernst from the dark cold north (read: Canada :)). I grew up singing classical and choral music with my family, and decided to expand into the music biz side of things as well. I’ve taken Berkleemusic’s master of music biz certificate (& highly recommend their courses), and am now doing some freelance booking and arts administration.
    I’d love to connect with other musicians and music biz entrepreneurs. You can contact me on twitter or email me at Hope to hear from you!
    ~ Marja

  70. Greetings all, Kimball here, I’ve been in the music biz as an artist manager for 16 years now, started with the UK’s enigmatic genius John Martyn. Particularly fascinated by the new paradigm in the biz that gives my indie artists the same footprint in the market as Sony or Universal. Now if we can all just solve the social media puzzle of pointing folks in the right direction!
    I work with three acts from New Orleans, singer/songwriter Kristin Diable, trombone player/vocalist Glen David Andrews, and an all-star collection of Crescent City musicians, The New Orleans Social Club. I am very involved in the Crescent City music scene, and was named Manager of the Year in the Offbeat Music Awards in 2006 and 2007.
    I also manage Sheila Nicholls, from L.A., originally from the UK. She has a new CD out, Songs from the Bardo, after a 5 year hiatus from the biz. Her previous CDs included a track on the film Hi Fidelity, as well as a couple tracks from her “Wake” cd, co-produced by Glen Ballard, that cracked the top 40 in 2002.
    I do independent projects for hire for cd releases, press kit development, tour pr, website maintenance and development, social networking media development, etc. For more info, check out my website,

  71. Hi everyone,
    My name is Harold and I think hypebot is awesome! I started a full service digital marketing agency:
    We initially started by helping indie musicians, but we get excited about working on projects of all different sizes. Our full services site is coming in January, so mark your calendars.
    Last week we launched our first Topspin website/campaign, remix powered by MixMatchMusic –
    Expect many more Topspin powered artists coming from us since we are big fans of the direct-to-fan approach. Feel free to contact me at or @formusickind on Twitter.
    Cheers to 2010 for music!!

  72. Hey everyone. Ian from Topspin here.
    Topspin is a platform for direct-to-fan marketing and retail. Our goal, crazy as it may be, is to be for digital marketing what ProTools is for digital production. I imagine we’re probably about as “full featured” and “easy to use” as SoundTools 1.0 was, but it gives us something to grow to be. We’re in it for the long haul. It’s worth doing.
    We’re doing two things at Topspin: 1) building the platform, 2) working with artists to help them earn revenue and build showcases for what direct-to-fan retail and marketing can be. #2 informs #1 a great deal, too.
    Apart from that, I try to skate(board) at least once a week (though it usually turns out to be twice a month), ride a bike as my primary mode of transport (in LA, no less), have a wife Julie and two incredible daughters (aged 19 — at college — and 3 — at preschool).
    I scan my news reader every night before bed and HypeBot is always in the mix.
    Viva la revolution!

  73. Hi!
    I’m Paige, and I’m a music journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. I currently write for the largest street magazine in the state (, doing mostly music news pieces and some CD reviews. I also write for one of Australia’s leading online music communities (profile at
    What really excites me is Melbourne’s amazing live music scene. The cool thing about this arty city is that you can go to a random pub in the suburbs, or a edgy bar in the CBD any night of the week and there will probably be some amazing undiscovered band playing.
    Check out my website with some of my portfolio and contact details at

  74. I’m Jeremy Sand, Founder & President of ProGenitor Entertainment Network. We’re currently functioning as an indie record label/music publisher/artist management company. Our primary focus right now is launching the music career of my sister, Faryn Sand. You can find a sampling of her work and purchase her debut CD, It’s Alright, at her Web site,
    What excites me is innovation in the music business. This is something that is currently sorely lacking, and something which I intend to commit ProGenitor to fostering over the coming years.

  75. Hi I’m Andrea from Brisbane Australia. I am a tertiary music business teacher & I am currently finalising all my marking for the year & reflecting on how lucky I am to have such wonderful students as I do. We run a class business called Urchin Entertainment –
    What excites me: The many possibilities for new careers in the industry in a variety of areas.
    What inspires me: The things I get to do in my day to day work (like discovering new bands, making video clips) that make it seem like fun not work.

  76. Hello All!
    I introduced myself a while back but decided to come say hi again! I’m literally commuting between San Diego and Los Angeles, working with Renaissance Artist Management managing a band called The Getdown. I’ve been interning for four years, and just this past May I was able to actually get started on my own with RAM.
    While I am managing, I am also looking to find another job in the industry, more specifically within publishing and licensing. RAM hosts a monthly industry networking event at The Foundation Room in LA showcasing new music the last Thursday of every month. We are always looking for new friends, so feel free to email me with any questions or comments at

  77. Hello, I’m Charles Million but everyone knows me as Max. I represent musicians,Million Dollar Artists,and own a successful indie record label,American Eagle Recordings. Right now I’m celebrating because one of my artists, Jeff Sable and the Sable Band was nominated this week for the award for Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly Magazine in Los Angeles. Their latest single “Rainy Days at the Beach” is moving up the national country charts. You can find their music at I was diagnosed and had surgery for cancer this year and am happy to be a survivor. I’s like to wish you all the best in 2010.

  78. Brothers & Sisters,
    A.D. here from Dallas Tx Producer, Artist, Songwriter, Dancer. All around entertainer, specializing in positively charged dance & electronic sound, coupled with my unique brand of Futuristic Hip-Hop. Interested & open to most all opportunities to advance the Art.

  79. Hey, all.
    I’m Corey Maass from Brooklyn, NY. I Dj and produce dance music as Secret Agent Gel – – I run Bass Tourist records – – and have a monthly radio show on Sub.FM – .
    I’m also a web designer/programmer and this year founded DubFiler – – file distribution site for DJ’s, producers and musicians (works great for labels, too – I see a bunch of you have labels 🙂 ). If any Hypebot folks want a free trial account, it would be a pleasure. Just get in touch.

  80. Hi everyone,
    My name is Mesh Lakhani and I am a singer/songerwriter and started my company Franklins Row Music Publishing. Our focus is to get song exposure through tv placements. We also have songs on itunes. You can check out the catalog on
    I am focusing on making a 30 song catalog, using the 45 model. I concentrate on making quality singles in groups of ten, instead of an album with any fillers.
    I have presented a model to internet radio where if they played our songs, we would take 1/2 of the royalty paid out to us and roll it into internet advertising (30 second preview of new music from an artist).

  81. Happy Holidays to everyone!
    I am known online as Renagade and I operate the website at . It is a site where I am showcasing select Indie Artists and selling their Cds,downloads etc.
    All the indies are what I concider top quality.
    I also offer press releases, Liner notes articles etc.
    If you are a Top of the line musician, give my site a look.
    Feel free to follow me on twitter too

  82. Hi! I run a digital marketing and publishing company at that focuses on artists, musicians and authors. I also perform with a band called 7 Million Jigawatts. 7MJ’s first ep, ‘Taking Flight’ was released this past November. I’m looking for like minded individuals that I can either help promote or tour with.

  83. Hey I am Nick Jarjour (google) I am the 23 year old owner of a Universal music distributed label called , My flagship artist is Leila who I have solidified international deals on behalf of in LA ,Asia and Paris which I will be announced to the public Jan 2010. I am VP of Marketing for a Universal start up with some of Celine Dions producers called Tab Records and I produce music for fun. In my spare time I write music for film and TV and my music has been on TV over 30 times in the last 6 months , I wrote songs that were featured in such shows as ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’

  84. Hey guys,
    I created to promote new types of jazz music which are now heavily influenced by indie rock and electronica. We’re targeting younger people (20 to 30 year olds) who are not currently familiar with this kind of music. Check it out today, discover something new! There are a ton of tracks to stream on the website.
    You can also join us on Facebook and on Twitter !
    All the best,

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