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(UPDATE 3) : Brenden Mulligan of ArtistData tells Hypebot that his sources say that TunesPro is NOT authorized by the labels (see other evidence in the comments section). On Friday afternoon the site appeared to be down, but over the weekend the site was back up again.

U.S. based is selling 19 cent single track downloads and albums for $1.88-$2.78 from all the major labels; and they are doing it legally. "We have deals with all major labels and with lot of the independent ones," a TunesPro spokesperson told Hypebot, " and every day we get requests for more independent ones to get their stuff on the site".

"We lose 39 cents a song."

How does TunesPro price songs at 70 to 80 cents below iTunes and Amazon? They admit to losing $.39 a song. "But we think this will be good promotion instead of paying ridiculous advertising prices." Eventually the price will rise to $.79 a track in 2-3 months "once we spend our promotion budget."