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Along with Lala's new deal to provide enhanced music search results for Google alongside MySpace and others comes word that indie artists and label will be able to control and improve the content of their search results according to Matt Rosoff on CNet's Digital Noise.

image from www.rogerlopez.com "Eventually, artists will be able to use Lala's platform to ensure that specific content, such as a new song, shows up in the music search results at Google… (they)  will also be able to work with Lala to sell products other than MP3 downloads through Google's search results. For example, Lala is working on a deal with Rhino Records where users will be able to buy vinyl Joy Division records directly from Lala."

Until more details become available, updating content on both Lala and MySpace, since it is now linked to more prominently from Google, has become a priority. Lala has deals with all four major labels and most larger indie distributors, but d.i.y. artists must choose a partner to get their music on the service.

According to lala, "If you are not signed to a label, you can add your music to Lala by signing up with a digital distributor. Lala works with both TuneCore and CD Baby…Whatever distributor you choose, just make sure to specifically opt-in to have your content sold on Lala".

Keeping your biography and other content up to date can be a bit more difficult. "The information that displays with each of your albums (artist/album name, track listings, etc.) is in most cases coming directly from the data feed we receive from your label or digital distributor." according to lala. "If you note any errors you can contact us directly, but we also recommend that you follow up with your label/distributor to ensure it is corrected across all of your sales channels."

Keep your Wikipedia Up To Date Too

With Google's new OneBox music search, Wikipedia results have been pushed a little further down the page. But that doesn't mean they are not important. Lala uses Wikipedia for bios. "Biographical information for artists is pulled from Wikipedia," says lala. "If we are displaying an incorrect entry from Wikipedia on your artist page, or if we do not have an entry on your artist page, please email us (artists@lala.com) with a link to the correct bio on Wikipedia, and the artist page it should be added to.


Says lala: "Artist photos come from labels and other sources. If you own or control the rights to a photo that you would like to submit for our use, please email it to us (artists@lala.com) and we’ll follow up with you."

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  1. Nice hail mary move from MySpace. “Now you’re got to come back to us, or your google results will suffer.” At least they’re not wasting their time developing better features, right?
    This whole move really sucks. Not only musicians, but Google has also f’d up THEIR OWN SEARCH ECOSYSTEM. The google search box is now sponsored by iTunes, and that’s just horseshit. I’m really surprised they’ve made this move, the more I learn about it.

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