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Who Should Be On New Music Industry Twitter List?

Twitter's new Lists was created to help clear the clutter of too many tweets by allowing users to create and share a list of Twitter authors in a single stream.  The Twitter Lists feature has real potential for music marketers. For example, artists joining together for a Best Metal Bands In Cleveland list or a Best New Electronic Music list combining trustworthy music writers and DJ's. 

image from I've just created the New Music Industry Twitter List that will combine the best sources of news and opinion shaping the new music industry. But what bloggers and Twitter authors should be included?  I've shared a few of my favorite music industry tweeters in the posts Five Worth Following and Five More Worth Following. But this time what I'm looking for to include in The New Music Industry Twitter List are not the folks who (no offense) also tweet about their children or dinner plans or those who mostly retweet news from other sources. I want to only include sources that stick primarily to news and commentary, and I need your help choosing the right ones.

Who do you think should be added to the New Music Industry Twitter List?  Self-nominations are acceptable too.

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  1. I find it interesting that you post advice about twitter, yet your twitter feed is literally just your RSS feed. What gives, Bruce?

  2. Andrew –
    Fair comment though I’ve actually been using it 2-3 to ask my followers a question or tip some info.
    I’m always worried about overwhelming people with info…(I know I often feel that way).
    Andrew – and others – how would you like me to use Twitter in a way that would be helpful to you?

  3. Hi Bruce. You should use Twitter like everyone else does…to express random thoughts, ideas and occurrences of your daily life. Step away from the brand of hypebot for a second and connect with your readers on a personal level. You’ve always been responsive to me, so I have no beef. Just thought I would add my two cents about how you should use Twitter.

  4. Yeah, I agree with Kevin. (I didn’t mean to sound snarky, if I did). My purpose was to try to convince you to become more involved with the discussions happening on Twitter. Most days, I learn more from my followers than I’m sure they do from me. It’d be nice to hear you weighing in on some of the things flying around out there.

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