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New Music Industry Executives To Watch In 2010 Launches In Private Beta

image from FreeAllMusic, a new site that will offer mp3's in exchange for watching a single video commercial enters private beta today, December 22nd.

There is no software required and once a user chooses a brand to sponsor their download, that brand owns every part of the download process, which includes video advertising, through to the download into their offline music library.

During the private beta, the company is testing offers of 15 to 20 free downloads per month, five per user session, starting every New Music Tuesday, based on the usage patterns of a typical “hits-oriented” iTunes customer. Brands supporting the beta include Coca-Cola, Warner Bros. TV,, Lionsgate fillm Daybreakers, LG mobile phones and Inconcert3D.

Public public beta is expected to start some time in January 2010. Free All Media, LLC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and with sales offices in New York and Los Angeles. Richard Nailling is CEO and Brian McCourt is the Executive Vice-President of Business Development and Affiliate Relations.