I’ll Be Teaching The Future Of Music & The Music Business Online For Berklee College Of Music

image from blog.cakewalk.comI'm honored to have been asked to teach The Future Of Music And The Music Business online course for The Berklee College of Music. The course was inspired by Dave Kusak and Gerd Leonhard's seminal book The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution and is constantly evolving as the music business evolves.

The course preview explains that it "will examine scenarios for the future from the perspective of what is working today and what will work tomorrow. The course will look into the landscape of artists, writers, managers and publishers sitting in the center of an entirely new digital enterprise. It will evaluate traditional promotion and distribution methods and the development of new ones. And, the Future of Music course will take an in depth look into what music fans really want, and how they want to receive it."

I will, of course, also add my own music industry experiences and the trends and tools that I write about daily on Hypebot. Other great instructors also sometimes teach the course, but if it's important to you to be in my section, email me (hypebot-at-skylineonline-dot-com) after you register and the wonderful folks at Berklee will make it happen.

More on the course here.

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  1. Congratulations, Bruce!
    Dave Kusek + Mike King + Bruce Houghton = a great opportunity for Artists to learn music 2.0 from the best.
    Maybe I’ll go back to school….

  2. That’s great news Bruce, I really think you can add a lot to that class that the book doesn’t really cover.
    I did some work with Kusek in the early 90’s, smart guy, as is his brother. But I think the book he wrote with Gerd Leonhard is very one sided and lacking in deep insights from the history of the digital music business (which would make sense as Kusek and Gerd weren’t exactly drivers in the industry). Dave’s primary goal in those days seemed to be to sell his company to a record label 🙂 He didn’t, maybe that’s a factor in how the book was penned, who knows.
    I really hope you can peel back the layers of the onion and expand on the book. Any kid who is paying tuition to learn about what happened from “The Future Of Music” is simply not getting the full story – honestly I think your insights are far more valuable than those of either Dave or Gerd.
    Best of luck to you with the new gig!

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