1. This is a repost from the other thread, but my impressions so far:
    Checking it out now, sound quality seems superior to Rhapsody. But very flaky in some places. For instance:
    Click on “Play Elefant Radio” – there is some faulty logic at play here. I would expect to hear music by the artist who’s page I clicked on, not a children’s act.
    But hey, it’s the first day. I’m going to subscribe, and as a long term Mogger I hope they succeed. To really change they game, they need to focus on integrating the social and the streaming, so it becomes really easy for MOGGERS to share music they like in posts etc. It’s a good start.

  2. Agree with you on their need to integrate the social component. One of the big reasons I’ve been a fan of Lala is that I can follow what my friends are listening to.
    Just trying it now too, and I think over all the service is a solid integration of all-you-can-eat at a great price point with pretty impressive radio/discovery. That said, I’m not crazy about how many windows keep popping up/overall UI. And of course, still need mobility and offline caching!

  3. there is more social integration here than lala. not sure how you can say that. every subscriber gets their own profile page showing off their play history, there is playlist sharing an personal feeds.

  4. yeah, but you can only listen to my songs if you’re a paying sub – not MOG’s fault, it’s a pay service. but I agree after screwing around with it for the past few hours it integrates with their social features better than anything out there.
    who has a download offering out there anywhere near as interesting as this? why exactly would anyone pay 99 cents for ONE 128 KBPS SONG when this is 5 bucks?

  5. i paid for the six month sub – at this price, really can’t go wrong. but very interested in the mobile app, and I need to figure out my music discovery flow – that’s probably the most important thing to me, and the element I am having the hardest time getting down. but so far, def worth it.

  6. Steve – You’re right. I’m becoming more and more impressed with the social integration as I spend more time with it. The hour free wasn’t enough time to really get a feel for the site.

  7. It’s just too complicated. And I say that having only spent five or ten minutes on it. Yeah, I know that’s not much time at all but the beauty of a service like Spotify is that you only needed five or ten minutes to completely get it. There were no windows popping up anywhere or loads of links to follow to get where you wanted to go. That’s why everyone outside of the US is using it.
    I think a lot of services try to add too many bells and whistles. Just keep it simple and people will use it.

  8. To complicated? I dont think thats what you mean. I think you mean to say: There are too many features for me. Spotify is simple because its built for people who just want to listen to something in particular. The discovery aspect of Spotify is weak compared to MOG and for MOG to create strong discovery features it had to add a few more bells and wistles then Spotify.
    MOG is like Spotify on steroids. If you ask me, Spotify is boring/ not complicated enough.

  9. Yeah, i see the pay per download era coming to a screeching halt within the next few years, when consumers get use to all of the different options that companies like MOG, Pandora and Spotify are offering. Apple is going to be forced into a different model for selling music. They’re crazy if they think people are going to continue to pay 99 cents per download.
    I wonder how artist are going to account for the royalties though. (sound like more artist being screwed)

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