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(UPDATED) VEVO and YouTube may soon close a loophole in their shared API which Muziic used  to grab their videos. "VEVO does not authorize, condone or otherwise endorse, in any way whatsoever, the actions of Muziic which involve our licensed music videos or registered trademarks." the company said in a statement. 

image from www.muziic.com
Online music hub Muziic, created by teenager David Nelson & his father Mark, has added video content from VEVO. As it does with YouTube, Muziic works to improve on VEVO's limitations. For example, unlike on VEVO.com, there are no video "pre-roll" advertisements.

Aside from providing solutions to some of  the technical issues associated with VEVO.com, Muziic adds it own playlist management, search, internet radio, "MuziicMix" crossfading, and social networking features.
While the VEVO.com website itself will not be available globally until 2010, Muziic streams much of VEVO's content globally now.
Performing a search for "Lady Gaga" on Muziic returns several songs and albums as well as content from VEVO that can be streamed anywhere in the world. The new VEVO tab on Muziic.com returns artist channels sorted by popularity or alphabetical order.