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  • Celia Hirshman: "iTunes market share is down from 90% to 69%."  Is there an opening for more niche stores?
  • Updates on MySpace are now fed directly to Google search.
  • "If your label and your manager don't get digital or social media, FIRE them."
  • "Panelist asked how many people still check their MySpace page, and not many hands went up"
  • Rhapsody's Tim Quirk
    • "People who say 'musicians should just be artists' are feeding bullshit to musicians."
    • "Facebook doesn't need a music strategy, music needs a Facebook strategy."
  • Steve Jenkins of Third Eye Blind: "Piracy gave our band a second chance" let new generation of fans discover them…

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  1. I don’t know what kind of people were in this panel, but facebook is far from being attractive for band yet, you can not customise your page as you would , only recently we have been provided with vanity urls , you can not upload your fan page from twitter … Yes I know they have developed a kind of twitter application but it is a closed system … For all these reasons I never visit my facebook page nor want to spend time on it …

  2. amazon will continue to inch higher & take cuts at itunes music share. 90% is way too high…i’ve heard it was closer to ~75% in other reports
    a couple other good quotes that i passed along to the bands i advise:
    –Best artists on the planet are amazing business people. MickJag went to London School of Economics” NaveenJain & Heidi Richman
    –#sfmusictech David devore: music industry has tendency to run after shiny objects. Email is still the killer app #fanmail
    –Adam Zbar, #sfmusictech, re: Twitter: it’s much less of a broadcast model… it’s much more of a conversational model
    –#sfmusictech Suggests you start with each asset (song, video) and identify something you could do with it, including bartering it.

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