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NARM Webinar: How To Make Money With MP3’s

How can you make money in the MP3 download space when margins are slim and you have to compete with giant, well-funded online brands?

image from NARM and Neurotic Media are sponsoring an online seminar this Thursday January 14th: Case Study – Successful Digital Deployments That Enhanced Retail Sales Growth And Marketing Strategies. Participants include Hot Topic/ and EMI. 

Use the code Hypebot 30 for a special $29 discount rate!

Register here.

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  1. Thank you for offering a discount code. But: Over the last 10 years, mp3 has become a brand in and of itself. Yet, with bandwidth and available harddrive space having gone up significantly since then, mp3 is pretty much an obsolete technology. Why compress music when you can have lossless? Because it sells better since it’s an established brand name?
    Come on … that’s like saying 78 rpm would have outlived the 45s and 33 1/3 LPs on the grounds that they were the established brand name.

  2. wait why is hot topic involved in this when they themselves have never figured out how to make money selling digital music?

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