Top 10 U.S. Music Sites

VEVO Tops December List

image from www.ehotdiscussion.com (Updated) A launch week filled with technical problems did not stop new video hub VEVO from becoming the most trafficked music web site music in the U.S. according to data from comScore though 90% of that traffic came via it's YouTube channel. MySpace was #2 and music lyrics hub ToneFuse came in at #8.  Last.fm just missed the Top 10 with 6 million unique visitors landing it at #11.

Top U.S. Music Services On The Web
Unique visitors, December, 2009
   1. Vevo 35.4 million
   2. MySpace Music  33.1 million
   3. AOL Music  29.0 million
   4. Warner Music  23.3 million
   5. MTV Networks Music
  17.6 million
   6. Yahoo! Music  16.4 million
   7. Jango Music Network  9.6 million
   8. ToneFuse Music Network  8.3 million
   9. MSN Music 6.6 million
  10. Rhapsody  6.5 million

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  1. interesting numbers. IMO, shows how general US population is not very aware of digital music space when AOL music is #3 most frequented site.
    it’s about time a lyric site stood above the rest. interested to see how long tonefuse can maintain dominance.

  2. “90% of that traffic came via it’s YouTube channel.” Wouldn’t that place YouTube, itself, at number 2 or 3? Yet, it isn’t even in the Top 10?? Where’s iTunes??

  3. Curious about the Warner thing too… although it provokes an interesting question – why ISN’T there something called “Warner Music” living as a site that might command this kind of audience? What would the user experience and marketing experience have to be to make this happen?
    …Ethan? Care to comment? 🙂

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