Live Nation Pays $6.5 Million In Post Merger Bonuses

It remains to be seen if the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster will be good for the fans, but there is little question that its wasn't too painful for the executives involved. According to an SEC filing substantial cash bonuses were paid to the four top company officers:

image from celebrate10.wnd.comCEO Michael Rapino – $3 million

Executive Chairman Irving Azoff  – $2 million

Kathy Willard, EVP – $1 million

Michael Rowles, EVP & General Counsel – $500,000

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  1. “Its a big club…
    And we ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club”.
    George Carlin.
    The only reason this happens in America is because we let it happen…by paying absurd prices for tickets and getting shitty service to boot. Fuck em, fuck em all and you can take your concerts and over hyped garbage “Product” and stick it up your asses. It’s because of you and the greedy cocksuckers in the Record business that have put music out of business. Enjoy your riches all by yourselves.

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