Spotify CEO Daniel EK at NMS LA: U.S. Launch “Looking Pretty Good”

(UPDATE 2) During an interview yesterday at the New Music Seminar in LA, Spotify CEO Daniel EK said that the U.S. launch of the ad supported streaming music service was "looking pretty good". "This is a huge market," Ek  continued, "and we want to make sure we do it right"

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Aware that the packed house at the Henry Fonda Theater were not all familiar with Spotify, EK was both an instructor and a salesman on stage and during an interview with Billboard's Glenn Peoples.  As in his  recent MIDEM interview with Ted Cohen, EK responded indirectly to industry concerns about  small payouts to rights holders by repositioning Spotify as a tool to sell music, tickets and merchandise. Ek also emphasized potential uses for the data that Spotify is collecting to help artists and marketers better understand fans.

UPDATE: Spotify has also just announced a major overhaul of its music discovery features.

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  1. I don’t understand why people are so hype for Spotify. I was able to use Spotify for about a month and I enjoyed it. But I also tried MOG and it blows Spotify out of the water. Spotify is lacking in the discovery department. But I guess they have built a brand. Can someone explain the Spotify hype?

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