More Music Industry News: MySpace Overhaul, Jelli, ITunes LP, Pink Floyd Sues EMI & More

  • image from blogs.sfweekly.com MySpace Readies Site Overhaul To Rekindle Growth (Reuters, paidContent)
  • Jelli and Triton Media Launch Crowdsourced Radio Into National Syndication (press release)
  • Is the iTunes LP a failure? (Billboard)
  • Pink Floyd sues EMI over iTunes payments. (CNet)
  • Music Group Gets Court Injunction Against Usenet Provider UseNeXT – Performing rights group GEMA has won an injunction against newsgroup outfit, UseNeXT. A court has forbidden the Usenet company from offering around 100 musical works from the GEMA repertoire and says that in the future, Usenet operators will have to take a greater responsibility for the environments and services they offer. (TorrentFreak)
  • Charlotte Church takes £2m investment from Power Amp Music. (Music Ally)
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