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Overheard At Billboard’s Music & Money Symposium


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  • Vevo Pres/CEO Rio Caraeff replaced L.A. Reid as the morning keynote.
  • "Vevo creating new programming directly with brands and bands. 30 second music videos for new artists, brought to you by a brand."
  • "When there's no money, people get smart" – Cynthia Sexton (EMI)
  • Hot Topic chief music officer John Kirkpatrick: “We’ve almost completely moved away from the idea of sponsorship…We focus more on the experience and connecting fans with what they love inside of our store in some way.”  
  • Mattel's Katrina McMullan: Barbie-branded music portal coming in 2011. Labels clamoring to contribute music.
  • #Vevo: People can drink from whatever faucet they want, but the water is ours.

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  1. There was definitely a lot to be said at Billboard’s Music & Money Symposium. We, at The Music Void, were there – see what we made of it, and if it contrasts pr matches your opinion. –

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