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John Mayer Drops 3.2M Twitter Followers For Tumblr

"140 characters…

a mathematical equation without an established value."

(UPDATED) Singer/songwriter John Mayer has amassed 3.2 million twitter followers, but at the recent ASCAP Expo, he told the crowd, “I think it’s pretty much done… Twitter as a form of communication, I
think it’s over to be honest with you.”  Now on his blog Mayer clarified his dislike for Twitter:

image from "…the days of "Twitter: The Breakthrough" have passed; The Twitter-bred syntax isn't really doing it for me anymore."

"Finding out in 140 characters what a stranger has to say about you is like a mathematical equation without an established value of 'x'. Who are you, stranger? What do you stand for?…"

"Tumbler… the future of social networking"

"This is where Tumblr comes in. It's the future of social networking if your image of the future features intelligent discourse. I love reading other Tumblr users replies, because they're thoughtful by virtue of the fact that if they're not, they'll bring the intellectual property value of their own blog down, and that's a commodity on Tumblr."

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  1. Twitter has always had limitations. If you aren’t monitoring it constantly, you’ll probably miss something. It’s not easy to follow if you have other things that need your attention.
    In contrast, with a microblogging site like Tumblr, you can toss something up on it and it is there for people to check out when they have the time.

  2. Dude’s going to get followers wherever he goes but why not just feed the Tumblr feed to the Twitter account so people can stay connected without having to do any more work?
    I know that violates certain cult-like Twitter rules but people are subscribing to RSS feeds via Twitter like crazy. My sites have more Twitter followers for my RSS feeds than I ever had anywhere else. Way more.
    In any case, 3.2 million people will now have to do something to keep following John Mayer. Maybe they will but it sounds kind of dumb to me when it’s so unnecessary.
    He can make his point without cutting folks off.

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