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Major Label Atlantic Asks Fan To Help Fund New Natty Release Via Pledge Music

image from Things must be tough over at Atlantic Records and its parent WMG. First label group president Lyor Cohen is selling his $28 million NYC townhouse and now Atlantic is asking fans to help fund an artist's second recording for the company.

 While working on his sophomore album for Atlantic Records, trip-hop artiimage from 
userserve-ak.last.fmst Natty is recording a separate stripped down collection of original songs. But rather than pay for the project, Atlantic has teamed up with fan-funding platform Pledge Music to ask Natty's fans to throw down the cash. 

image from To encourage fans to invest, Natty's offerings offerings include £8 for the EP, introducing Natty from stage for £70, a private acoustic concert in your own home for £600 - £5,000 (not sure why there's such a wide price range), all the way up to Natty remixing your track for for £1,200. Atlantic hasn't announced if they'll be taking their  normal full royalty from Natty on the EP. We only know that they won't be sharing the money with the fans that paid for it.