MP3Tunes Bumps Free Cloud Storage 5X to 10G

Online music storage locker MP3Tunes has increased the capacity of its free cloud based service from 2G to 10G.  That should be enough capacity to store 2000 songs for play on almost any connected device.

image from s.mp3tunes.com

"The goal is to store every internet user's music collection in the cloud and make it available everywhere they want to listen," according to the company's blog. "This will require a massive expansion of our system but we're ready to make the jump from hundreds of thousands of users to tens of millions." Invites are available here. 50G Premium accounts are also available for $39.95 per year.

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  1. This is an impossible task because there always will be that famed out of print release (or bootleg) that they cannot upload or must delete everytime they do because some lawyer thinks they must sue them.
    I remember the change that occured when the original Napster shut down and its cousins took over the “market” share. It was a letdown because they only had the mainstream stuff on their networks, not the obscure tracks a/k/a the “long tail”.
    iTunes tried to eat up the market share of those illegal downloading sites to make money with their stylish players and have succeeded to do so, but the musical rarities of old that were suddenly present in the Napster days were gone. Even more so, with the labels now controlling their repertoire again, they can delete releases much easier now than in the physical days. Songs disappear with no warning. And that’s not a sign of “obsolence” of a song, but labels remove it when they believe it’s no longer profitable enough (whatever amounts to that).
    I’d rather stick to my music collection than upload it to a cloud where it’s deleted at a single lawyer’s call to only leave inside the cloud plastic pop music aimed strategically at the teenage audience.
    I feel sorry for those teenagers who would not get the chance of exploring their parents’ collections of music to develop their own taste simply for the fact that the parents have lost this part of their history.

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