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Time To Add Android App Creation To The To-Do List

image from click on image to enlarge (via TechCrunch)

iPhone music apps are hotter than hot. Not just because of the big numbers they can deliver, but also because iPhone users are early adopters that help spread the word. But a new Ad Mob survey should remind music marketers not to forget Google Android users when planning their development schedule.

According to the study, U.S. Android traffic increased to 46% of overall smartphone OS web traffic compared to 39% for the iPhone operating system. Worldwide, iPhone held the top spot with 46% vs. 25% for Android. AdMob measures mobile ad impressions, which they use as a measure of overall traffic.

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  1. FYI – that survey is only a study of traffic for AdMob’s network. This isn’t representative of all mobile traffic.
    If you’re going to add anything to your to-do list, add a mobile-friendly version of your site – one that can be accessed by iPhones, Andriod-based phones, and any of the others. I’ve yet to see any phone app offered by a band that had any real value.

  2. hahaha… yeah, sure, to Country fans.
    Does Nashville and their fans even know how to use a mobile phone?

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