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What’s A Facebook Fan Worth? Study Says $3.60

image from What is the true value of all of those Facebook fans you've been collecting?  Some social media specialists have done the math and it turns out that on average each fan is worth about $3.60 a year.

The study does not specifically look at bands or fans of music, but its' clear that not all fans and brands are created equal. In its study of 41 million Facebook fans, marketer Vitrue found a wide variety of  impression-to-fan ratios. Some generated just .44 impressions per fan, while another saw 3.6 impressions.

"It's important to understand that once you build that fan base, you want to make sure you're leveraging it," said Michael Strutton, chief product officer at Vitrue told AdWeek. "When you start to [add] engagement value, it goes higher. We were trying to get an easy-to-understand valuation terminology." 

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  1. My band ranges from 4.2 to 6.4. Does that say much? When you say worth 3.60 a year does that mean that I expect to make 3.60 a year from each fan? A tad confused

  2. No it means that your worth $3.60/year
    The methodology in this study is a bit “mysterious”. The only REAL value that can be ultimately measured IS revenue. Doesn’t matter how many fans one has, how u slice, measure, fudge, report impressions, etc. The bottom-line is whether someone paid for your product or service and did it generate any revenue.

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