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WMG’s Lyor Cohen Is Selling $28M NYC Townhouse

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Warner Music Group may be loosing money, but at least we don't have to worry about its President Lyor Cohen. He's got his just-off-5th-Avenue NYC townhouse for sale for a whopping $28 million.  That's a lot more than the $9.175 million he paid for the 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half bathroom home way back in 1999.

Is Lyor consolidating his financial position to help Edgar buy EMI? Or is he worried that WMG is going under?  Apparently, neither. "Mister Cohen, a dee-vorcee with a coupe of kiddies, currently dates fashion designer and social fixture Tory Burch," writes The Real Estalker. "Miz  Burch, also a dee-vorcee with a couple of kiddies, happens to own and occupy a massive, approximately 9,000 square foot Daniel Romualdez designed spread at The Pierre that meets if not exceeds the modern opulence of Mister Cohen's townhouse."

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