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It's become a tradition for Hypebot to host occasional online holiday networking parties.  For those readers outside the U.S., this time it's Memorial Day Weekend and the music business here shuts down here for three days. (F.Y.I. Hypebot will be publishing, though on a bit lighter schedule.)

This is one of those days when many of us are tied to our desks, but have no desire to do any real work.  So as a constructive solution to the pre-holiday work day blahs…


In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself…

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  1. Hi Hypebot
    I’m the editor of Music & Copyright, a newsletter published in the UK about (you guessed it) music and copyright. We’ve done a lot of work lately on market shares for the majors. Plenty of companies have taken an interest in the numbers, particularly with all the speculation about the future of EMI. Doing a piece on the future of subscription services at the moment. Will they work, won’t they work? Any thoughts are more than welcome.
    All the best

  2. In addition to Hypebot, I also founded and run a national booking agency Skyline Music (http://www.skylineonline.com). We’ve got a lot of major changes planned at both Skyline (including a total revamp of the outdated Skyline web site, if you know any good and cheap WordPress designers…)and Hypebot that will both expand our reach and walk more of our talk about modern marketing, social networking, user generated content and more.
    I’ll be seeking everyone’s input along the way. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

  3. It’s just a small blog, generally covering the French singer Alizée but including much more. From the silly and absurd to the serious and thought provoking. Hypebot is a great source for new ideas, love it. Did someone say something about shameless plugs… Alizee Nation

  4. Laurie Jakobsen here – now with my own PR company, Jaybird Communications. Working on finally getting my website up, and preparing for the post-holiday onslaught of announcements for my clients.

  5. Launched in 2007 in order to address the need for greater music industry analysis within the blogosphere, The Music Void has since grown to become a leading source of music business information. We cover all major aspects of the sector value-chain and offer opinion pieces from outspoken personalities, video interviews with key industry executives as well as insightful contributions from our regular team of writers.

  6. Jim Moeller (jim AT soulevermusic DOT com) here. I have an artist management and music consulting company in NY. Currently managing the San Francisco-based funk/soul/afrobeat band Monophonics. Looking for a good booking agency for them. New album due this fall that features some major jamband players.

  7. Caleb Laven [www.caleblaven.com] | recent college grad | made the move to NYC | now looking to break into the recording world | interest and growing love for the music business world—hence Hypebot | currently need job to pay rent | SHAMELESS PLUG: I have experience in a recording studio as well as direct marketing in NYC and also have the X factor | (hire me) | contact info on website

  8. Hey Hypers (do us followers have an official name? We need one).
    I’m Nick Wilson, a student at William Paterson Univ in Wayne, NJ. I’m currently the NE Marketing Coordinator for the http://www.NewMusicSeminar which I’m very excited to have Bruce a part of again this year. It’s going to be a blast – don’t miss out! I’m also in a band http://www.EscapeDirectors.com and we are releasing our debut album next Thursday. We are very proud of it – take a listen, download for free, I bet you’ll love it.
    I love the music industry, so please feel free to reach out to me to chat about anything.

  9. My name is Rick, I am a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn NY now residing in the Pacific Northwest.
    I enjoy this blog a lot and it is on the “must visit” list of 30 or so that I open every morning in Firefox with my morning beverage.
    I am currently releasing songs under the name “Mothers Bad Son” and if you haven’t heard any of my stuff you are welcome to visit
    and have a listen.
    My latest is called “After they have gone”,it is dedicated to all the people who make our life just a little more bearable with their music and songs.
    Have a great Memorial day weekend and remember to reflect on what this holiday is all about.
    aka Mothers Bad Son

  10. Happy friday. This is Gilbert, subscription sales at Pollstar. A trade publication for the entertainment touring industry. Pollstar tracks ticket sales, music and entertainment tour schedules and archives, the largest database of industry contact info on the planet. Our info gives you everyone you need to put on a concert, from stage & sound to bookng agents and box office histories. Check it out over the weekend. http://www.pollstarpro.com un:demo pw: dio
    gilbertl AT pollstar DOT com

  11. Hey everybody,
    My name’s Max, I’m a longtime Hypebot reader, admirer, and one-time contributor. I edit a site called We All Make Music, which is dedicated to helping musicians make sense of the changes in the music business and offer them tips and tutorials.
    I’m fascinated by (and also slightly skeptical of) platforms like ReverbNation which enable artists to essentially seize the reins of their business and help them to think, well, like businesses.
    I’m terrified by the low value people ascribe to music these days. Despite the fact that most everybody would freak out if somebody were to take it away, the amount of money people seem willing to pay for recordings (or subscriptions to streams, for that matter) remains disturbingly low.
    Looking forward to meeting more of you today!

  12. hey all, name is charlie bucket. i’ve been covering music (interviews, reviews etc) for around 10 years. writing for a variety of magazines and a couple online sources. Now focus a lot of my attention on my website EntertainingThings.com

  13. Hey there everyone!
    I’m Katonah, brand new college graduate and soon-to-be grad student in NYU’s Music Business program. I got my BA at Penn, where I majored in Creative Writing and minored in Consumer Psychology. I actually had the pleasure of interviewing the Hypebot’s own Kyle Bylin for a paper I wrote on artists’ experiences in the new music economy in my final semester (once things settle down, I plan to edit it a little more and share it with everyone I can), for which I also interviewed Scott McMicken (of Dr. Dog), Philly bands The Extraordinaires and Grandchildren, Kristin Thomson (of FMC), and Brian McTear, my boss over at Weathervane Music. Weathervane’s an amazing young non-profit fighting to promote community supported independent music through gorgeous, HQ video and audio productions. You can check out our work at http://weathervanemusic.org and http://shakingthrough.com.
    I spent my 4 years as an undergrad working in public AAA radio leader WXPN’s Marketing Department, where I also served as the Undergrad Rep on their Policy Board. I’ve also recently started to manage a young local psych-rock band, The Armchairs (http://myspace.com/thearmchairs). I’ve been a loyal Hypebot reader for over two years now, and love what people are up to who are a part of this community.
    You can find me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/katonahcoster, and (last but not least), check out my blog – a big mix of images, news, and music from all over the web – at http://www.stellified.com.

  14. Hello Hypebot,
    My name is Terry.
    I’m currently taking an exciting online course from the Berklee College of Music (BerkleeMusic.com) entitled “The Future of Music and the Music Business” which is part of my “Master Music Business” certificate program at Berklee.
    Here’s my shameless plug…
    I’m looking for employment in the Music Industry.
    I’m interested applying what I’m learning about the current state of the music business, what it takes for artists to be successful in today’s music industry, applying Direct to Fan Marketing, creative/innovative marketing techniques, social networking aspects of marketing an artist, artist/musician mentoring and coaching, etc.
    In order to do that, I need to make a career change from my current Information Technology (IT) career (backend web development/programming) to a career in the Music Industry either directly (maybe working with an Indie label to help them develop/market their artists or researching and writing about music industry topics) or indirectly (maybe working in the IT department of company within the music industry.)
    A quick background…
    I’ve been a musician since grade school (drums [primary], bass, acoustic guitar, vocals.) I’ve working in the IT industry for 20 years in various positions.
    You can reach me at hypebot AT terrykates DOT com.
    Thanks, Hypebot, for the opportunity to introduce myself! I enjoy reading it. Hypebot is one of the sites I use to keep up with trends in the Music Industry.

  15. Hi Hypebot,
    I’m a singer/songwriter living in Denton, TX. For people like me who are deer caught in the ever-evolving music industry and music business headlights, this blog is a lifesaver.
    I’ve recently released my first solo album called “Road to Calvary” (available at http://music.charleslee.com or at iTunes or Amazon) and am now in the process of playing gigs and trying to get the music heard.
    What excites me? Peanut Butter.
    I’m always looking for more people that I can discuss anything music, music industry, music business-related, there’s so much to learn, understand, and implement. So if there is anyone who wants to be my Mr. Miyagi, or be fellow music karate kids and learn together, here’s my contact info:
    Email – contact@charleslee.com
    Twitter – http://twitter.com/charlesleemusic
    Facebook – http://facebook.com/charlesleemusic
    Blog – http://charlesleemusic.wordpress.com
    Charles Lee

  16. Hi, my name is Steven Finch and I am the founder and CEO of RouteNote. RouteNote is the UKs leading digital music distributor and quickly becoming a major player worldwide. RouteNote offers a free distribution option to artists, there are no upfront costs and artists keep 90% of the revenues.
    We have some major upgrades coming in the next few weeks which we hope will shake up the distribution industry.

  17. Hi Bruce et al,
    I’m Didier from France. I started an “unLabel” project last year, still under construction, but started to work with 1 artist and a group, as well as helping another artist.
    The “unLabel” is a tentative of disruption in the relation (on all levels) with artists, the main musical focus being “World meets Jazz”, aka today African artists that can extend to the “Blue Note” way of music while keeping their traditions.
    So far, we recorded an album in Cotonou (Benin) in March with a young Brass Band called Alle’sTones : check their premixes & videos @ http://www.reverbnation.com/allestones and if you’re on Twitter, please download a track for free from http://tweet.allestones.com
    Their first album will be released in September ’10.
    At the same time, we’re actively preparing the recording of a famous Guinean 32-stringed Kora player who’s able to blend his Mandinka roots with a very jazzy approach with his unique instrument. This will sound really great when released. Listen to more traditional tunes, and some covers he made (Caravan, Chan Chan…) on his blog http://www.djelimoussadiawara.com .
    The recording of his 9th will take place this summer.
    We’re now actively looking for venues/festivals for next year and preparing both tours… 😉
    Of course, all this is actively packaged with digital presence, online marketing, social networking and so on… the reason why I’ve been reading Hypebot for quite some time… 😉
    On a day to day basis, CybearSonic (the project’s umbrella) ( http://www.cybearsonic.com ) is a sound & music design agency, involved in sync & music supervision.
    To conclude, check the links above for good music or my blog http://www.KoToNTeeJ.com , so that your weekend starts with good “earfood” 😉
    Didier J. MARY
    (Bruce, we had a quick mentoring meeting in Cannes this year)

  18. Hey all,
    My name’s Mike. Like a few others here, I’m a recent grad looking to advance further in the biz. I have some major label experience along with time spent on tour and with an alternative music website, http://www.alternativeaddiction.com.
    I also share the ‘X’ factor with Caleb (haha).
    If you’re interested in hiring someone with fresh ideas and a record of success, send me a note. I can relocate in a flash.

  19. Hello Hypebot Community and Readers!
    I’m Deborah Diak, The Music Marketing Maven and founder of Rising Star Artists.
    Rising Star Artists Online & Social Media Marketing for Musicians. Independent and emerging musicians/bands/solo artists are in dire need of affordable online marketing.
    Our sites (we have TWO) are getting makeovers to add more features – just 90 days away…YAY! Membership is free and artists can upgrade to different service levels as they grow. http://risingstarartists.com and http://www.risingstarartists.ning.com.
    Rising Star works with engaged musicians to increase traffic to their websites, dramatically boost live streams of music, and blow up followings on social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    All of this effort ultimately leads to building a fan base large enough make some money or make the artist irresistible to labels hungry for new talent (new talent with a following, that is).
    Rising Star now has an amazing branded iPhone app for independent artists. (if you have an iPhone download the Katie Armiger app and be blown away by the features!)
    We made the iPhone app affordable for the independent artist. In fact, it’s no stretch to say it’s BETTER than what many major label supply for their artists. Not only is it an eye catcher; the artist branded app is an all-in-one media presence. Post photos, videos, push announcements to end-users, sell tickets along with directions to the venue, sell swag, sell music (this is really cool because people don’t need to pull out a credit card — it’s billed by iTunes). There’s also an option for artists to sell music outside of mainstream online retailers, plus a whole lot more. To see a full list visit http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dENPc3VYNnQ3c1ctSzRLajFoN2tkY3c6MQ#gid=0 and use code “HYPEBOT.”
    Until June 30th the artist branded iPhone app is 50% off. Can you tell we’re excited about this?

  20. Hi Max, aren’t you confusing price & value here ? Music still has a lot of value for people, else they wouldn’t “use” it in their everyday live in so many different forms…
    But the price they’re willing to pay for it is lower and lower… specifically when offered on “one way only” channels (CD, subscription…).

  21. Hello Max,
    I agree! Music has become a commodity like water … imagine turning on your tap and getting 3 minutes worth for 99 cents.
    As a community we have to work together to make music exciting again. That means there needs to be GOOD QUALITY music, urgency and scarcity. I have a bunch of ideas on this and if you would like to start a dialog please email me at ddiak@risingstarartists.com.
    Just bookmarked your site.

  22. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Roc, and I am the owner and operator of Noble Son Management. We are a small personal management company that represents local/regional hip hop artist in the NC/SC/GA area.
    I also operate a Mobile Marketing business, FLXTXT Mobile Marketing. We provide a mobile advertising delivery platform which allows our clients to send advertisements, updates, show dates, or any other information via text to their customer/fan base. This is a flat fee service, which would allow one to send unlimited messages, to an unlimited number of subscribers.
    Interested in networking with anyone who may find this service useful and who has an established fan base. I am willing to provide a limited number of complimentary accounts for business development and research purposes. I have some awesome ideas on how this service can be utilized in the music industry specifically, and I need creative minds to link with to test these theories out.
    @flxtxt on Twitter
    ** If interested in the complimentary account**
    Please review the website first, and then send an inquiry email to flxtxtmobile@gmail.com
    Thank you for the opportunity to post this information.

  23. I work for World Around Records, an independent and slightly international hip hop “label” — we’re a promotional platform for a roster of artists we believe in. We’re new, unknown and broke but it’s been a great year so far.
    I also cover hip hop business, promotion and marketing for Audible Hype. I run artist interviews, case studies of successful acts, and cover my own experiences getting World Around off the ground.
    Thanks for the platform, Bruce.

  24. Hello Everyone!
    I am singer/composer/pianist/harper Jillian LaDage,performing edgy Evocative Eclectic Celtic World Music and the owner Tarith Cote a one artist private record label in the Chicago suburbs.
    I am currently working on and planning a research trip to Turkey for the follow up to my debut album The Ancestry which delves into the Celts in the Middle East and Scotland, exciting! Visit me, listen to sound samples, liner note, lyrics and more http://tarithcote.com
    Jillian LaDage
    Evocative Eclectic Celtic World music crossing borders and centuries…more traditional than Enya, less folksy than Moya Brennan and reminds a little bit of Loreena McKennit

  25. I’m Abbie and I’m a music addict. I don’t make it, but I listen to plenty of it and spend the disposable income I don’t have supporting the industry. I love arguing/analyzing/discussing how media can and should be shared/distributed/protected.
    I’m finishing up my last year in Law School and in a years time will need to find someone who wants to pay me to do about anything so I can start paying back this pile of debt. Do I wanna practice law? Who knows, but the knowledge and work ethic I’ve gained is invaluable to any industry, and I’ve got the vernacular to chat up attorneys on their high horses.
    In my free time I like to write convincing demand letters, love drafting contracts and get pleasure out of sending threatening emails to bloggers who post entire albums for free.
    To me it all comes down to Community, Creativity, and Culture. Build it, and cash money is to come. I wanna help people do great things and help further great ideas.
    Note, while I can’t practice law or give you any legal advice, I am always up to bounce ideas off.

  26. Hello, Hypebot community:
    I’m debcha. I write zed equals zee, a blog that focuses on the intersection of music, technology and culture. I’m not a musician, and I’m not in the industry. I’m an academic, and a dedicated music fan, and what I’m really interested in is how our interactions with and relationship to music and artists is changing as technology evolves. If you’re interested in this too, feel free to drop me a line at debcha AT gmail DOT com, to ping or follow me on Twitter (@debcha) or, of course, to join in the discussion at zed equals zee.

  27. Hey yall!
    My name is Christina Brehm. After 4 years of music business internships and studying at the University of Texas at Austin, I started to really believe what I knew all along: my lot in life is creating music. So… I’m now a student at Berklee College of Music, studying songwriting and performance.
    Right now, I’m finishing up a few tunes and looking to record an EP in the coming months.
    I’ve got just about every social networking site available. I’ll post a few, but feel free to look me up anywhere you live online. 🙂
    Happy networking!

  28. Hey HypeBot community. I am DJ Blak Majik (http://www.blak-majik.com), a DJ/turntablist/audio engineer from Baltimore, MD. I guess I’m considered a musician, but I’m always focused on getting better as a turntablist, and dabbling in production to translate my musical ideas to the masses. I’ve played many clubs and parties, 2 major concerts in the Baltimore area and am working with Mania Music Group (http://www.maniamusicgroup.com), the signed artists and owners Brandon “BeaLack” Lackey, and Dwayne “Headphones” Lawson.
    I’m currently working with Mania Music Group in the studio as an engineer/assistant/studio musician and on the road as the show DJ. We’re always working on something, and along with our 9 free projects on our website, we’ve been very busy completing our first album “Welcome to the Audience” which you can get a copy of on June 8th, 2010! Mania was awarded #1 record label for 2009 by the Baltimore City Paper, and have four currently signed artists: Dappa!!! Dan Midas, Milly July, Rapman Ron G, and Kane Mayfield.
    My first stop on the internet is HypeBot because of all the relevant and important information for indie artists applies directly to me as a DJ and even sheds some light on a lot of questions that others have when paths cross. After getting a degree in audio production, I feel that it is only right to continue to network and learn as much as possible on how to survive in the constantly changing climate of the music industry aka: Music 3.0 as coined by Bobby Owsinski.

  29. I have worked for 30 years in entertainment as an artist, promoter, FOH sound, venue operator, marketer and writer for a ton of magazines (When you had to have more than just an internet connection). I have stayed sane by not being an employee, but an employer. I have never worked with a single agent, record company, SFX, LV, BGP, or anyone else unless it was under my terms.
    I enjoy reading about:
    Kids who think that you can go to a “school” to learn the “industry”.
    PR/Marketing firms that don’t even have a website.
    Old people who have sucked on the teet of the “industry” for decades, but now think they have brilliant answers as to what went wrong.

  30. Good Afternoon Bruce & fellow Hypebot readers,
    I am Beni B. from ABB Records in Oakland, CA. First off, Bruce, thank you for all of your efforts in providing one of the most informative and comprehensive online music business forums for artists, labels, etc. Job well done. While I usually prefer to remain in the shadows, I’ve been feelin the need to step out into the light a bit more. So I figured I’d give this a go before the bar opens up : ).

    ABB Records has been around since 1997 and is a member of A2IM. Artists on our roster have included Dilated Peoples, Little Brother, Defari, Evidence, Darien Brockington, Peven Everett, Planet Asia, etc. Over 10 years ago, ABB along with Fat Beats and Rawkus, pioneered global vinyl distribution. ABB is the only west coast-based indie hip-hop label to have had multiple indie artists signed to major labels – Dilated Peoples(Capitol) and Little Brother(Atlantic)- one foot in majors and one foot in indies offered us very unique, valuable insights and approaches as to how agreements, accounting, marketing, distribution, digital, publishing, A&R, technology, etc. are structured, function, and ultimately work at the various levels. ABB has also been fortunate to have created financial opportunities for folks to work in an industry/profession they enjoy. As we now enter “Phase II” so-to-speak, we look forward to working with Artists, Labels, Brands, etc. who have the drive, skill set and determination to understand and become the best at what they do while making positive contributions to their respective communities in the process. Most of all, we look forward to sharing our experiences, insights and guidance with music community as to how to this CAN work and be successful for you. We are always interested in hearing from folks with exciting, innovative and fresh ideas – there’s always work if you know how to look and the right questions to ask – Areas of interest include, distribution and sales, analytics, marketing(strategic/biz dev), community media (we are beyond the term “social” LOL), finance, label A&R/project management. If you are looking for distribution, consulting, or have questions, etc. please feel free to reach out to info@abbrecords.com. Lots of interesting things on the plate at the moment. If you are located in the Bay Area, every Sunday, I display my award-winning cooking skills @ Liege Spirits Lounge 481 9th Street Oakland, CA, 6pm-until. Stop by and holla!
    Linkedin – abbrecords
    Twitter @abbrecords
    Thank You very much, God Bless and Have A Great Weekend!
    R4 Coming soon………..

  31. I’m Director of Engineering @ Peter Gabriel’s company, The Filter.
    Also working on a new platform called purchase2access, which transforms album purchases into access to things like VIP concert seats, secret shows, iphone app features.
    See the video shot by 7Digital @ this months musichackday SF:
    Can’t live without Hypebot, check it every morning.
    Anyone interested in purchase2access can reach me:
    dan [at] purchase2access [.com]

  32. What a great and diverse group of readers Hypebot has. I’m honored that you stop by my online home.
    Everyone please spread the word. The thread will stay open during the holiday weekend, and the more the merrier.

  33. I’m the band manager of a teen band out of Massachusetts that will go on their second tour of New England this year. All four band members won scholarships to Berklee College of Music Summer Programs, and they won the John Lennon Tour Bus Daddy’s Junky Music Rockin’ Roland Battle of the Bands this month and got to make a killer music video on the bus. For those who know Route 1, that was the outdoor scene. You can take a look at it at http://www.JessicaProuty.com. Also got a great article about the band in HippoPress.
    I try to keep up with the industry via Hypebot and a few other sites. I come from the online industry, but the music industry, well, this is a whole different world!

  34. Hello all…
    My name is Tom – I used to run shit back in the day.
    I’m the guy that pretty much fucked it up for the rest of yuhz.
    My house up in Westchester is pretty sweet, and I’ve been able to bang a lot of hot broads. But I’m not too good with this computer stuff so I’m pretty much sittin’ on the sidelines these days. ON BIG BAGS OF MONEY, that is! Ay yo!!!!!

  35. Hey Everyone,
    Im Brandon and Hypebot rules! I am a producer, engineer, musician and entrepreneur currently in the San Francisco area. Sometimes you can catch me playing under the moniker Furious George, but more recently I have been working on a tech project. I have a small startup working on bringing the music and non-profit sectors together, cohesively. We develop tools to help you and your fans bring attention to and fund raise for your favorite charity, cause or local organization. We are currently looking for qualified CTO and development applicants to join our team. For upcoming developments about what we’re working on, you can follow @mountsunmusic or email us. Website and Blog to launch in two weeks.
    Also the world cup is in 2 weeks, GO USA!

  36. Greetings,
    I write and photograph for Radio Free Chicago and Méandre. RFC focuses on the Chicago indie scene. Méandre shines a spotlight on French/European music and radio single reviews, with a smattering of select album and live reviews. I have been photographing shows for two years in Chicago, Milwaukee and Paris, France.
    I currently work marketing and events organization for a French relations organization around Chicago, and will be returning to France in 2011. From there, on verra bien ce qu’il arrivera. It’ll include music.
    Twitter: @meandre
    Email: Contact
    Last.fm: Un_Melomane
    Currently spinning: Clara Plume, Deftones, Deanna Devore, F. Stokes, Astronautalis, Sophie Hunger, Gayngs, Mux Mool

  37. Hello Bruce and fellow readers! =)
    My name is Rodrigo, I’m from Brazil (Curitiba – PR) and recently launched a simple site/blog of a music project called D.O.R (http://www.projectdor.com). My main productions are electronic music, but this year I decided to start something different and new, and work is in progress!
    It’s all in portuguese, so maybe most of you won’t be able to read it, but I decided to link it anyways, hehe.
    I’ve been reading Hypebot for the last 7-8 months and really like all the information around here. It’s helping alot, giving me new ideas and a better understanding of the music market.
    Here in Brazil things are quite different, and seems to be a bit harder to get recognized and able to make music as a way of life (in terms of money).
    Wish there were some people around here like you guys, that post on blogs and try to help the newcomers.
    Anyways, I’m working hard and trying to aplly everything I learned from you and others.
    Sorry for the long comment, and thanks for all the help!
    Cheers everyone!

  38. Hey,
    I am currently a college student going to cal state northridge, majoring in Music industry studies. I’m really into all genres of music, play several instruments and am very into music production. I believe I want to get into the marketing side of the music business after college. I am really good with graphic design and also do web hosting and web design. If anyone wants to know more or needs help with anything let me know! I would love to network and get to know some of you.

  39. Hi Benji Rogers Founder of Pledge Music. I Played music for most of my life and now I help musicians engage with their fans, fund their music, keep their rights and raise money for charity.
    i don’t sleep much…

  40. Hello everyone
    Roach here from Cape Town, South Africa.
    I co-own and run independent electronic/urban label African Dope Records (http://www.africandope.co.za) and sister publisher / licensing house African Dope Publishing; and am deep into the digital music business and music meets brands space. I sit on the board of AIRCO (Association of Independent Record Companies, South Africa – http://www.airco.org.za) as Head of Digital Committee, and humbly on the board of Merlin (http://www.merlinnetwork.org) as the African representative.
    We have a vibrant industry here where many labels still make a living selling cassettes (!). This vibrancy is in spite of challenges such as some 75% piracy, over-centralisation of the industry around the economic capital Johannesburg; extreme market segmentation due to 11 different official languages / cultures; only about 15% internet penetration; 80 – 90% foreign (major label) radio-play (which strangely enough translates into some 60% sales of local product, at least 50% of which is not major-owned); Collection Societies being ordered to liquidate by the courts for misappropriating artist revenues; and no national festival circuit to speak of.
    In my sector – digital and branded music – the industry is finally starting to wake up, although we are still in my view hopelessly unprepared in general to take advantage of the many opportunities. Digital music consumption is driven by mobile (unsurprising considering the 90% mobile phone market penetration), and according to little ‘official’ stats available, being driven largely by sales of Ringback Tones!
    But with bandwidth prices finally being driven down (largely due to the recently introduced Seacom fibre-optic cable connecting East and Southern Africa to Europe and Asia – the first such pipe; and the major telecoms saturation of voice-based services, meaning a major push to sell smartphones and data packages), and an explosion in both physical and online file-sharing, consumer music behaviour is quickly falling in line with patterns around the world, and the industry, protected by the scarcity of internet access previously, is well down the road of getting caught with its pants down.
    Most branded music usages are reactive, ie driven by brands and ad agencies as opposed to music consultants and services, although the introduction of online sync sites like Africori (http://www.africori.com) and Laswho? are starting to bridge that divide. With major brands like Nestle, KFC, Samsung, Doritos, Coca Cola and Jagermeister diving into high-profile music-based campaigns here in the past few years, brands are definitely starting to wake up to the value of music in reaching their fans.
    Our biggest challenges as an industry remain the poor level of digitization and available metadata about South African music. Although there are an estimated 5000 South African music pages on Facebook, most of our music remains ineffectively aggregated into the major music services, and missing from the likes of Gracenote, AMG and MusicBrainz. This means it simply can’t be found, referenced or recommended effectively online, and needless to say, if you can’t find it, you certainly can’t stream, buy or interact with it.
    What’s required is a massive national digitization and databasing drive; and I’ve been lobbying hard for the past few years to try and get /government and corporate sponsors to drive such an initiative (slowly making progress…). Certainly, new technologies like MusicDNA and Echo Nest’s algorhythms will greatly assist this process.
    For the meantime, another important missing link for our industry is the lack of credible filters into South African music. As the recent international successes of artists like Die Antwoord, BLK JKS and Locnville (just signed to Sony International) suggests, South African music has come of age – we are now producing artists of international relevance to a broad global fanbase (not just the “world music” niches everyone knows us for eg Ladysmith Black Mambazo).
    I’m working on a project to fill this gap – an ad-supported filter into SA music that i guess sits somewhere between rcrdlbl.com and Guvera with a charity / social development angle. The aim is to showcase the freshest music on offer here, while presenting brands / advertisers with fun ways of communicating with our audience, doing market research, generating leads, achieving CSI objectives etc.
    I’m also developing a few tools for independents(eg a dynamic “buy this” button, and a Facebook-based event dissemination tool), and acting as a music consultant and digital music agency to the independent industry here.
    Hypebot is an indispensible tool and one of the first things i read every morning; I’ve introduced dozens of industry people here and abroad to it as a key source of well-picked information.
    Just thought I’d take advantage of the offer to introduce myself and share a few thoughts on the industry here, which I hope is of some value to readers.
    Feel free to hit me up for more info, and of course if i can be of any assistance on a business level, I’m always available to discuss. Angel investors and funding organizations interested in opportunities in the South African and African music industry are particularly welcome 🙂
    All the best to all Hypebot readers.
    ps What do people think of the Official FIFA World Cup album (http://www.listenupalbum.com), particularly the Shakira feat Freshly Ground theme track? Does the rest of the world think it stinks as bad as we do?

  41. My name is David Sherbow and I am a 35 year music business veteran with a deep background. Hypebot has been part of my daily ritutal for several years and I have been fortnute enough to have had several pieces of my own published here thanks to Bruce Houghton. My Bio can be found at http://www.onefanconsulting.com/about. As MusicBizGuy I have over 2000 followers on Twitter where I try and dispense meaningful information. Recently, I finished an ebook entitled “One Fan at a Time: Building Your Music Biz to the Max” which can be downloaded for free at http://www.onefanconsulting.com. Also, my bootstrapped start up company has developed 2 web properties: 1) http://www.myspace360wizard.com which allows artists to bring relevance back to their MySpace artist profiles by generating a beatiful business environment for themselves. For a great example go to the site or see http://www.myspace.com/iration. 2) we have developed http://www.LiveMusicMachine.com a music booking and calendaring widget that allows artists to be booked from anywhere on the Internet, like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. Grappling with the new music business is difficult. I believe my properties can true make a difference to artists who choose to use them.

  42. Hello,
    My name is Han Schulte and I’m living in the Netherlands (between England & Germany).
    Since 3 years I make a non commercial jazzwebsite called jazzpress.org and jazzpress.nl with international jazznews.
    The interesting point is that jazzpress has an international JAZZ CONCERT LISTING.
    It’s free to subscribe but not necessary.
    JazzPress covers all the jazzfields from Tony Bennett up to Matthew Shipp.
    Jazzmusicians, jazzmanagers, jazzfestivals and jazzlabels (all styles) can send their information. The email adress is in the header of JazzPress.
    Best jazzwishes,
    Han Schulte

  43. I manage the most talented musician in hip hop, Prote-J.
    I’m Ben Witherspoon, I own management company (right now) Ajust Entertainment. Being an unsigned hip hop artist is all about having a following and building a buzz before you get attention from the majors. And that’s what Ajust Entertainment is working towards for Prote-J.
    Prote-J plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano and wrote and produced every song on his free album “Good Hip Hop Meets Radio.” He was raised partially in 3rd world country, Papua New Guinea and has a Bachelor’s degree from an aeronautical university. He’s like no hip hop artist before him.
    I love connecting with new people and finding ways to cross-promote! Send me an e-mail at Ben@AjustEntertainment.com

  44. Currently in New Orleans, living the good life.
    Music of Treme – chronicle the music of the HBO series “Treme” as well as give daily news updates of the show
    MusicRoadMan – used to write about my travels to music festivals, then I decided to move the city where it is a music festival all year long
    Hypebot is required reading for me every morning to keep up with the music industry. Thanks for all you do.

  45. Hey Hypebot!
    I am an electronica indie artist who has had songs in film /tv , remixes by DJ Andy Hunter (Nettwerk) , and I currently am a “certified” Topspin Marketer. I have 2 websites 1) My artist website: http://cocooconnor.com and 2) My music marketing website : http://zumuloo.com — where I hope to create a think-tank where “creatives” can go so we can all discover (and possibly invent) ways to “findour loot” in this new musical landscape.

  46. Hello! This is a really diverse group of people! I like it.
    I’m a recent college grad as well – without a job currently – who did a lot of work with the Calvin College Student Activities Office in the last year. I am really excited about the work I’ve done with the SAO. It’s mission is to teach healthy listening habits to college students, which is attempting to address the problem that Max and Deborah were talking about earlier.
    We charge an extremely low price for tickets to great shows like the Mountain Goats and Joanna Newsom. Yet, we still struggle with students that just don’t seem to care or want to experience the community of a live performance.
    I’m in love with music. I look forward to serving some of my artist friends as they build their careers. Otherwise I’m sure I can be happy just reading Hypebot and keeping up with the recent going-ons around the music world.

  47. Man, this site draws some interesting people. Hope I fit in!
    I’m Clyde Smith. Best known in music blogging for ProHipHop:
    It’s been on autopilot for a while though I’ve recently begun to revive the old nag.
    Most of my energy of late has gone into strengthening Hip Hop Press which began as a free hip hop press release posting service and now includes categories in R&B, DJ & Dance (though still mostly linked to hip hop), Urban Arts & Fashion (a grab bag of mostly African-American arts and culture) and the Music Industry.
    You can subscribe to any of these separately or together via various means. The service is growing and it’s got some reach. Folks pick up a lot from Hip Hop Press and sometimes even acknowledge that fact!
    If you have relevant needs, please check out the sites and send on-topic press releases for Hip Hop Press as well as hip hop promo material for ProHipHop to:
    Off-topic submissions will be dealt with in an aggressive manner:
    You can hit me up at the above email to chat as well. I can be harsh but that’s partly because I care so deeply.
    So don’t be scurred!

  48. Hello Hypebot Community,
    I head Sales and Marketing initiatives at RightsFlow (http://www.rightsflow.com), a licensing and royalty service provider. We work with artists, labels, distributors and music services (licensees) to help easily and quickly pay songwriters and publishers (licensors).
    We recently launched Limelight (http://limelight.rightsflow.com), the simplest way to clear cover songs. This DIY site allows artists, bands, labels, choirs and other musical groups to secure mechanical licenses for third party compositions for CD, digital and ringtone release.
    Appreciate the great work Bruce… Hypebot is a daily must-read! Thank you for the on-going efforts to share timely news and information!
    Michael Kauffman

  49. Hi, I’m with Neurotic Media, a B2B vendor empowering private-label download stores for retailers (such as Hot Topic’s shockhound.com, borders.com, cduniverse.com, gohastings.com, Tunewiki.com), entertainment companies (such as MediaTree, ePrize, Muzak, scattertunes, simjam, etc.), and record companies (majors and a growing list of indies).
    We’re exciting about the recent launch of sites by clients loudtrax.com (focus on metal, punk, rock) and indierocket.net (as the name indicates, focus on indie music) – both using our API services, and both doing fantastic work curating cool music for their market segments, please check them out.

  50. Saludos Hypebot and community,
    I am the CEO of UO Productions, UO short for UnOrthodox. We started in Los Angeles and now we basically take care of business in latin America. Latin America is like the Wild Wild West, and it´s about to boom. Over 27 countries to promote and tour in. I basicaly handle all marketing, promotion, and PR work. Of course we have our own studios. We have a net promo team. We have six artist of our own Strate Crooked, Primmo, La Etnnia, La Revuelta, Malalma and Kavelo. I am here to learn and network. Contact us so we can discuss any type of joint ventures and if you are looking to brake into this vast market. Or just to say hi. And thanx hypebot for all the vital information and links, keep up the good work.

  51. I didn’t realize you also had a booking agency. Cool!
    There’s a bunch of great stuff in the No Depression archives on Chris Knight (including two long features, one from ’98 and the other from ’01) and Solomon Burke (including long features from ’05 and ’06). Bruce if you want me to send you copies of the print issues with these article’s email your mailing address to kyla at nodepression dot com and I’m happy to send them out. The magazine was a design work of art and included great photographs all of which is lost in the online archive. It’s totally worth checking out if you’ve never seen a copy.
    Reverend Peyton from the ND community: http://www.nodepression.com/profiles/blogs/the-reverend-peytons-big-damn
    I’m in Seattle so if you ever plan to go to Flowmotion’s Summer Meltdown let me know!

  52. My day wouldn’t be complete without Hypebot! I have learned so much by reading it and am grateful to have a source for the best music and technology news and information. Thanks Bruce! It’s great to learn more about others who are part of the Hypebot community.
    My name is Kyla Fairchild and I’m the publisher of No Depression, which was a roots music magazine from 1995-2008. We went out of print mid 2008 due to the struggles facing print publishers and the music industry…one failing industry covering another, what could possibly go wrong?
    Knowing nothing about technology or the web I transitioned ND online in fall of 2008 first as an online version of what we were doing in print with a paid editor and writers and quickly realized that wasn’t a sustainable business model. Feb of 2009 switched to a UGC model on the Ning platform where a community of bloggers, photographers, videographers, artists, record labels, DJ’s and fans around the world post the content, the best of which is featured on our home page throughout the day. http://www.nodepression.com/
    I also digitized the contents of our 75 print issues which are available in a searchable online archive (built on WordPress) of close to 7000 articles covering over 3000 bands. http://archives.nodepression.com/
    After plenty of trials and tribulations things are going relatively well at this point and the site is currently receiving over 80,000 unique visits per month and has strong ad support from the music industry.
    We have our second annual music festival coming up this August in the Seattle area. http://www.nodepression.com/page/no-depression-festival
    There’s more detail about the history of No Depression here if anyone is interested: http://www.nodepression.com/page/the-story-of-no-depression
    If anyone reading this has thoughts, ideas, input or suggestions I’m all ears. I’m part of a Ning Network Creator Panel and they will be opening their API in a few months so there will be opportunities to build on top of what is already here and I’m not a tech person so help in that area is needed. At this point I’m making it up as I go along!

  53. Hello,
    I’m Natalie, a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business degree, and am looking for more experience in the music industry. I’m interested in marketing and distribution in the music industry. I’m part of Grammy U and I’ve played the cello for about 11 years. Hypebot helps me keep up to date with the music industry. If you’re hiring or looking for extra help, please contact me! I’m hardworking and love music.
    E-mail: natalie.cheng88@gmail.com
    -Natalie Cheng

  54. Hello,
    I’m Natalie, a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business degree, and am looking for more experience in the music industry. I’m interested in marketing and distribution in the music industry. I’m part of Grammy U and I’ve played the cello for about 11 years. Hypebot helps me keep up to date with the music industry. If you’re hiring or looking for extra help, please contact me! I’m hardworking and love music.
    E-mail: natalie.cheng88@gmail.com
    -Natalie Cheng

  55. My name is Matt Brown and I’m CEO at HAULIX. We are an online service used by DJs and Record Labels to manage their digital promos. If you still mail out physical discs to the media, you could be saving a ton of money by going digital. And above and beyond that, we protect your music with high-end watermarking technology.
    Come check us out and try a free two-week demo.

  56. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Esli Sugich. I am a 23 year old musician from Los Angeles, CA. Hypebot is one of my favorite web pages. I have it as my homepage and read articles on it everyday. I often send articles to my band members too for them to read. I’ve been playing music for ten years now. I am playing with a band from Los Angeles called Ballerina Black. I love playing/writing/producing/etc music. I would love it if anyone reading this checked my music and see if they could help with anything. I love when artists and people come together to work on projects and show the the world. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if there is anything you would love to do. I will actually read all the other comments here and get in contact with anyone that seems interesting to work with.
    Thank you!
    Esli Sugich
    Ballerina Black

  57. I am a recent graduate with a BBA degree and am interested in distribution or marketing/promotions in the music industry. Does the company have any job openings available?
    -Natalie Cheng

  58. Hi Hypebot,
    I am trumpeter from NYC who is currently traveling in Europe teaching and performing jazz. I came across the site from Eleet.com and I am learning a lot of new tricks about the business.
    Check me out and keep the great articles coming.

  59. Hello Bruce and fellow readers! =)
    My name is Rodrigo, I’m from Brazil (Curitiba – PR) and recently launched a simple site/blog of a music project called D.O.R (http://www.projectdor.com). My main productions are electronic music, but this year I decided to start something different and new, and work is in progress!
    It’s all in portuguese, so maybe most of you won’t be able to read it, but I decided to link it anyways, hehe.
    I’ve been reading Hypebot for the last 7-8 months and really like all the information around here. It’s helping alot, giving me new ideas and a better understanding of the music market.
    Here in Brazil things are quite different, and seems to be a bit harder to get recognized and able to make music as a way of life (in terms of money).
    Wish there were some people around here like you guys, that post on blogs and try to help the newcomers.
    Anyways, I’m working hard and trying to aplly everything I learned from you and others.
    Sorry for the long comment, and thanks for all the help!
    Cheers everyone!

  60. Nick,
    Hey – I’m the co-founder of a company called Sound Around. We do iPhone Apps for bands and are going to be launching in just a few weeks. I was wondering if you’d be interested in us doing an iPhone App for your band (free of charge) that you can use to help promote your album release next Thursday. You can see a demo of our stuff at http://vimeo.com/12044424. Email me at steve@getsoundaround.com if this is something you’d be interested in doing…looking forward to working with you and good luck on your album release!

  61. Katonah,
    Hey – I mentioned in reply to a previous post by Nick Wilson that I’m the co-founder of a company called Sound Around that does iPhone Apps for bands. If you’d be interested in us doing a free iPhone App for The Armchairs we’d be happy to help you out. Demo of us here http://vimeo.com/12044424 and email me at steve@getsoundaround.com if you’re interested.

  62. Hello Hypebot Users
    We are a new company called AFRICORI, based in London and Cape Town.
    We are building an online platform to connect independent artists based in Africa with advertising agencies, film/TV producers, music supervisors and any businesses anywhere in the world that need to license music for their films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials or video games. We launched the site in January and are busy sourcing music from the continent. We are not genre specific, we look for songs of good recording quality.
    Africori’s goal is to highlight the quality of songs from Africa and the diversity of genres. We believe that music from Africa can compete with any other music from around the world. To the agencies and producers, Africori’s goal is to make it easy for them to find and license music from Africa.
    Please visit http://www.africori.com for more details and contact us at music@africori.com for more information.
    We look forward to hearing from you

  63. Hi everybody,
    I’m Maud,from France. I work as a webmarketer for “Bob Booking”, a french software which provides online solutions, specifically designed for music booking agencies.
    In a few words, Bob Booking assists our clients from the first contact with their partners to the contract signature, by providing music dedicated and customizable tools.These solutions bring time and cost saving solutions by automating most of bookers daily tasks. To sum up, our products are clearly dedicated to all music actors as bookers, agents, (concert, festival…) promoters. That’s why it’s very important for us to be closer to our customers needs by following music actuality. For the moment, our solution is exclusively in french but it will be available in english from September. Don’t hesitates to ask more informations!
    See ya’

  64. Hi there fellow Hype Botters,
    Sebastian Hess in Sweden here. I run the indie label Wonderland Records and I release music you had no idea that you loved. You can listen to all acts easily on one page here:
    and you can listen to the latest two singles I released here:
    http://www.wonderlandrecords.com/monopress and here: http://www.wonderlandrecords.com/aivspaceship
    I am confident that you will think “Damn, this is good!” when you hear the stuff I release, if you do please let me know, if you don´t please let me know and I will try to compensate you for wasting your time 🙂
    I am constantly looking for good new contacts around the globe!
    All the best from Sweden and good luck out there,
    wonderland records

  65. Howdy I’m Andy, creator of Viral Gigs (http://www.viralgigs.com) a viral automated gig booking and online music promotion system.
    It’s a long story but I created this gig booking system for myself but ended up with so many other artists asking me how I was booking my tours and growing my mailing list that I ended up doing a series of videos to explain it.
    You can grab a free video here which reveals the #1 secret to making it all work for you http://www.viralgigs.com.
    Cheers – Andy

  66. Hi,
    My name is Rick Pisano. I’m an unsigned,independent singer, songwriter, guitarist from the Boston area who has been featured as the BluesBreaker on the HOB Radio Hour as well as being chosen to be a featured Blues artist of the week on Reverbnation. My album which I also arranged and produced is called Dawn of a Waking Man. Although primarily a Blues artist I also occasionally do some other genres that I love such as Classic Rock, Gospel, Folk, even ballads. I recently formed my own music production company called Brothers II Productions, LLC. I have a sincere passion for my music and I believe that songs should elicit real emotion in each listener. I’d be honored to have more people check out my work.

  67. Hello Bruce and fellow readers! 🙂
    I made a long comment, but for some reason it didn’t post.
    Well, I’m from Brazil and Hypebot has been very helpful, although the music business around here is quite different.

  68. We’re working on a new project for songwriters @ http://www.LoveSongsforSale.com – it’s a project for songwriters to uploads songs into a profile. Customers will browse the profiles & contact a songwriter to either purchase a song or have a new one written.
    The site is under construction but signup for songwriters IS FREE for a limited time!

  69. Hey Hypebot,
    I am DJ Shadow’s Project, Marketing and Merchandise Manager. I have helped to build and brand DJ Shadow’s online presence and business over the past 4+ years. Recently, I project managed the re-build of DJShadow.com, which was nominated for 2010 Webby Award (Lost to Jim Carrey’s site).
    I also will be co-teaching a Digital Music Business seminar at SFSU this summer, and I have done some freelance consulting work for various indie labels and artists.
    I am interested in connecting with all of you, please feel free to contact me- add me on Linked In! I am a daily Hypebot reader.
    Michael Fiebach

  70. Hey Hypebot,
    I am DJ Shadow’s Project, Marketing and Merchandise Manager. I have helped to build and brand DJ Shadow’s online presence and business over the past 4+ years. Recently, I project managed the re-build of DJShadow.com, which was nominated for 2010 Webby Award (Lost to Jim Carrey’s site).
    I also will be co-teaching a Digital Music Business seminar at SFSU this summer, and I have done some freelance consulting work for various indie labels and artists.
    I am interested in connecting with all of you, please feel free to contact me- add me on Linked In! I am a daily Hypebot reader.
    Michael Fiebach

  71. In addition to working as an underpaid freelance writer, I consult with arts non-profits and keep my hand in as an scholar (continuing my work on alt music in N.Africa and looking for new projects). I’m exploringr new ways to creatively make use of my Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, my areas of expertise (music & community, musical experience, transnational aesthetics….) and my skills as a researcher and a damn good writer. Like many out there, I’m looking to play a bigger part in the cultural discourse — for me it’s about developing a voice, getting heard and playing a part in changing the things that need changing. Check out my work at: http://jeffreycallenphd.wordpress.com/ and ttp://popculturetransgressions.com/
    AND write if you’re interested (collaboration & dialogue always welcome).

  72. Hello Hypebot, I run 3 small internet radio stations that cater to authentic reggae, rap and hip-hop street culture. I have about 250 artists in Miami and other cities I work with pro-bono who are doing everything they can with limited budgets to get their music heard by people looking for non-commercial urban music.
    It seams like the good-ole-boy network still runs the music industry and I see it killing so much young talent. But hey I guess that’s what it’s meant to do.
    Of any one is interested in what we have to offer or has some relevant advice please refer to the the url I provided.

  73. Hi. I’m Jonathan Jaeger, co-founder at HypedSound (http://www.hypedsound.com). We are a social music platform for artists and listeners. We use our social networking features as a backbone for interactive music services and collaboration. One of our features is the Virtual Auditions section (think Craigslist meets Youtube for finding bandmembers). We are fixing a couple bugs up in the next few days and we hope to be going strong afterwards.
    I love Hypebot, articles are well-written and informative. Also like following you on Twitter for the latest updates when I don’t check the site directly. I also started a music blog (http://www.jonathanjaeger.com). It’s less about news and more about music and technology along with some personal anecdotes. I’m graduating McGill University after the fall semester (with a minor in Music Technology).

  74. Warm greetings to everyone!
    My name is Donna M. I am owner/blogger of the fledgling jazz website http://elementsofjazz.com (EoJ).
    EoJ is a place for many of the “elements” of jazz to be shared and discussed. The sub-genres that will be written about in the future are: modern jazz, big band, swing, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian jazz, free jazz, acid jazz, post bop, soul jazz, gospel jazz, funk and hip-hop.
    It is my desire that the website be part of a journey of discovery for people. It’s for anyone who is curious about jazz and not sure where or who to start listening to.
    There’s a lot of jazz music currently being created and performed all over the world by talented artists. The website is my small way to make that more apparent to surfers on the Web.
    Thank you.

  75. Hi Bruce. Hi Hypebot. Jack Kelly here, CEO of Adva Mobile, a software service that lets music artists create closer relations with their fans on mobile phones. It’s a free service, and we offer music artists 2 way text messaging, mobile web sites, content delivery to the phone, a mobile commerce store, social network connections, and fan engagement toys (contests, voting campaigns, text to screen, etc.) We’re at http://www.advamobile.com. Bands and labels promoting bands that see mobile as an exciting new channel to connect to, and sell to, fans should check us out.

  76. Hi all – apparently late to the party, I had a lovely, practically computer free weekend. (YAY!). I run the new media department at Rocket Science http://www.myrocketscience.com and am currently knee deep in our marketing efforts for the new Filter, Shooter Jennings, JP, Chrissie, and the Fairground Boys, Shinobi Ninja, and Hey Champ records.
    Nice to meet y’all.

  77. Name is Andrew (22). San Diego, Ca
    Obsessed with the music industry.
    Started a label in `08, Cadence Coalition Records.
    Released my first record for the band Dinosaur Party in `09.
    Work for The Syndicate.
    I love bikes.

  78. Great idea Bruce. I’m Vickie Nauman – leading the US efforts of 7digital, the music and media company from London. We are live in 16 territories (Europe/North America), have 9 Million tracks in our catalog from all four majors and indies, have a suite of APIs for business partners who want music in their products – and high quality 320K MP3s at attractive prices for consumers.
    Look for more news about our cloud based locker soon!
    Contact info:
    Vickie Nauman vickie.nauman@7digital.com
    VP North America

  79. Greetings!
    I’m Dan Nash.
    I have a boutique virtual music artist management company called Just Great Management which discovers, develops and advises up n coming contemporary music artists.
    I currently represent the ascent of several diverse acts ranging from the acclaimed teen hard rock band “Picture Me Broken” to the highly respected music and education-based “Rhythm Child Network”.
    After spending 12 years as an audio engineer at Atlantic Records Studios in NYC and A&M Records Studios in LA and 16 years in entertainment technology both as the head of a moderately successful custom software company and as an online media consultant, I saw the need for a person of my sensitivities in the artist development area.
    While I have years of experience working directly with major high profile artists, I mostly enjoy finding and working to develop and break new artists that have a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting the kind of insight and advice that only comes from people that were lucky enough to study under the true masters of such endeavors, such as Ahmet Ertegun, Arif Mardin, Shelly Yakus, Jimmy Iovine (as a producer), Phil Ramone, Glyn Johns and so on… all of whom were always much more interested in getting the most out of the artist themselves rather than some “cookie-cutter” version of what someone else was having success with.
    In addition to working to develop “points of differentiation” and “sweet spots” with the selected artists, I impress upon and help guide them through the all but equally important requisite Social Networking skill sets, in order to build a strong loyal following and create/maintain buZz.
    I have a coterie of top shelf colleagues that I work closely with to offer my clients very high quality, highly ethical, well-connected resources. I have painstakingly assembled these great and accomplished people in the legal, business, marketing and promotion, production and creative service arenas.
    One of the salient ways in which I differ from most of my colleagues is that I start out working with people who can pay me a modest retainer. Somewhere along the way, it became common practice for managers to only receive income from back-end percentages. HUH? Here’s one of the hardest gigs one can have: there’s no term limit, no guarantee of success on any level and often extreme demands of one’s time… and no up front pay?? I don’t think so! I also think it’s important to set out, right from the start, in a “business relationship”. I change just enough for it to be respectable while causing the artist to “focus on the focus” and for me to get some remuneration for my efforts. If and when the artist starts bringing in “real money”, then and only then will I consider a back-end deal.
    Feel free to contact me!
    Dan Nash
    Just Great Management
    Santa Monica, CA
    Mobile: 310.701.6071
    SKYPE: dnash54

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