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#FMC10 DC Policy Day – A2IM On Piracy: “It’s Not The Kids, It’s the Companies”

Overheard at today's Future of Music Coalition DC Policy Day:

  • image from "It's not kids, it's companies. People are making money off this piracy" – Rich Bengloff of A2IM
  • "Oh joy there apparently are NO provisions in ACTA advising artists & creators of their rights. (only a campaign to 'educate' public)."
  • FMC's Health Insurance Navigation Tool for musicians:
  • "About 70% of people in Nashville didn't have flood insurance. They were not in flood plane so they didn't buy it."
  • Austin Schlick, General Counsel of the FCC on the FCC's authority over the internet and the third way "w/o broadband oversight, FCC cannot modernize USF, protect privacy on broadband, promote access for those with disabilities."
  • Watch the rest of today's conference live on Ustream here.

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