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Apple: Be Geo-Tracked Or No Downloads From iTunes


Apple is now geo-tracking users of iPhones, iPads and computers.  Its privacy policy has been updated to include the ability to collect and store user and location data.  Now, in order to download apps or media including music from the iTunes store, users are prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions.  If they refuse to, they cannot download anything

Though Apple states that the data is anonymous and does not enable the personal identification of users, they are left with little choice but to agree if they want to continue buying from iTunes. 

Read the new privacy policy.

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  1. This is utterly disgusting and has caused me to re-think buying any more Apple products.

  2. Great. Now Apple knows that I have no life. Oh look, Scott’s at the office. Oh look, Scott’s at home. Oh look, Scott’s buying the soundtrack to “Xanadu” at home.
    Thanks Apple … thanks a lot!

  3. Android has been doing this for years. Take your heads out of the sand and do some research before you jump to conclusions.

  4. Regardless of who is/isn’t doing it, it’s just wrong. Another example of Apple turning into a rather creepy company. They are slowly damaging their brand in ways you can’t undo…

  5. Tehbadge this is to opt of iAds being displayed or am I missing something? Could you explain how this relates to the article? Thanks.

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