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ASCAP Lawsuits Target 21 Venues In 13 States

image from As is does periodically, ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) yesterday filed 21 separate lawsuits against nightclubs, bars and restaurants in 13 states claiming infringement. According to the performing rights society, each establishment refused to obtain a license or pay the fees owed, but continued to perform ASCAP members' music without permission.

A full list of venues:

          Establishment, City, State

  • Law's Lunch & Dinner, Riverside, CA
  • The Vibe, Riverside, CA
  • Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Tampa, FL
  • Empire Dine & Dance, Portland, ME
  • Doug's Burger Bar (f/k/a Twister's Iron Bar Saloon), Imperial, MO
  • Foxy Lady Club, Raleigh, NC
  • Vanishing Point Bar and Grill, Mt. Airy, NC
  • Ron's Landing, Hampton, NH
  • Bolero Resort & Conference Center, Wildwood, NJ
  • Bacchus, New Paltz, NY
  • Bamboo, East Hampton, NY
  • Barking Frog, Beacon, NY
  • The Eagle, New York, NY
  • Jessie's Roadhouse, Merrick, NY
  • Deuces 2, Columbus, OH
  • Cross Eyed Moose, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Isla Verde, Philadelphia, PA
  • Nephew's, San Marcos, TX
  • Sister's Edge II (f/k/a The Cockpit), Austin, TX
  • The Candy Bar, Richmond, VA
  • Secrets Restaurant Tavern, Virginia Beach, VA
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  1. Oh No! Not the Foxy Lady! Now the “entertainers” will have to shake their ta-ta’s in silence …. or maybe just with BMI artists. 😛

  2. Let the Congressionally mandated thuggish Mafia-esque shakedowns of the PROs continue. That way, the Beatles, Aerosmith, Springsteen and the rest will keep getting richer, and the “unknown” artists will continue to get royalty checks amounting to about zilch, while venues that “make money” (alcohol revenue) on that precious resource called music, will continue to lose money on live music … and continue to try to stay alive because people still drink. Rat bastards.

  3. yet another shakedown. Did these places play the music themselves or did the musician play it? if so they owe not the premises. ASCAP sucks for trying to collect over and over on jukeboxes and musicians who are trying to making a living and keeping the doors open.

  4. The performers are being compensated directly by the business owners yet ASCAP wants to “fine” the businesses. WHY NOT GO AFTER THESE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE ACTUALLY USING “YOUR MEMBERS” SONGS. We as business owners are not singing the songs. We are paying someone else to sing them. So why don’t you go after them or is it easier to harrass the business owners simply because WE are the path of least resistance, ie you can track us down because we can’t move our businesses! The biggest crock is that you have to have a license for KARAOKE!!!!!! OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SINGING!!!!

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