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ASCAP’s Attack On Creative Commons Is Like…

Just a quick thought…

image from www.strategyofwealth.comAP's new attack on Creative Common's an voluntary license designed to give copyright holders more flexibility while still retaining the protection of existing laws – is like the auto manufacturers suing the inventor of all wheel drive for making cars safer under a wider variety of driving conditions.

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  1. Before anyone can argue a point they need to understand the point. Lawyers love to go to court and make money. When lawyers advise people who do not really understand the complete picture and are reacting as if it was 1970, this results.

  2. As a musician, if I own the music, I should be able to do what I want with it – and that includes NOT using ASCAP, BMI, etc. The whole music culture has changed and will continue to change with the internet/downloading/streaming/etc. ASCAP does not address these changes and is still working with the old, out dated model. CC gives me a variety of choices as to how I want to license my music in today’s world.
    ASCAP, hands off of MY music. I’ll do what I want with it. Thank you.

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