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Eric Casero On Rock History: A Dialectical Narrative

Over at our sister blog Music Think Tank, Eric Casero, author of Mental Machine Music: The Musical Mind in the Digital Age, has written another fantastic essay.  In it, he explores the dialectical narrative within the history of Rock music.


From The Essay: "The history of Rock music, like that of virtually any prominent cultural form, is constituted by a series of chaotic changes during its relatively short lifespan.  From our own particular historical vantage point, more than forty years after rock’s “golden age," it is now possible to identify and ascribe cause to some of these historical changes.  Of course, for any rock fan, the various narratives and value systems that make up rock culture are so familiar that they have assumed the shapes of reproducible clichés."

Jonathan Ostrow, co-founder of the music blogging network MicControl, has also written a post where he delves into the art of making a press kit and gives insight into how to create a great one.

From The Essay: While you may be tempted to just use one or the other, it is very important that you always create a physical press kit. Not only are these more likely to be received by booking agents and a&r reps from record labels, but they can be customized in a way that the EPKs cannot, which is essential to making your press kit as attractive

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