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French Ready To Nab 50,000 Infringements Every Day

Is The U.S. Next?

image from Recent French vows to stop illegal file sharing have new teeth with the anti-piracy outfit Trident Media Guard being chosen to track and report illegal file-sharers . The company, also known seeding of file-sharing networks with fake data, will provide much of the evidence needed to prosecute users under France's tough new 3 strikes laws.

image from TMG's system can capture as many as 18,250,000 infringements per year or 50,000 every day. “Our agreements provide that TMG should be able to provide 25,000 incidents per day for music, 25,000 for audiovisual. This goal will be preceded by a phase of increasing power to calibrate the process,” according to Thierry Desurmont from the French collection society SACEM.

The U.S. music and film industry's trade groups have recently stepped up efforts to pass similar 3 strikes legislation, and at least some in Congress are signaling their approval.

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