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Off The Internet & Onto The Stage

Those of us who work in and write about d.i.y. and the new music business are always interested in artists who have built careers outside the major label system. Jonathan Coulton, who has never been on any label but his own, is clearly a poster child for modern music success. He works at his career daily and is one of its more articulate spokespersons. He's also generous with what he's learned both in interviews and his work with open source music marketing tools developer

Singer songwriter Jonathan Coulton was a former computer programmer whose used his quirky and often fun music as well as his technological knowledge to build an impressive following (46K+ on Twitter) who flock to his live shows - a gathering of the geek tribe. Some of this video interview for Big Think, like the exploration of his songwriting, will clearly be enjoyed more by true Coulton fans. But he also explores topics like "Does 'Internet Famous' Mean Famous?" and "Off the Internet, Onto the Stage?".

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