More Music Industry News: Borders Down, Thumbplay App, Pirate Bay Fines & More

  • image from mhpbooks.com Borders
    reports a $33 million quarterly loss. (SEC)
  • Indie digital music distributor IRIS has partnered with MobBase to provide iPhone applications to its labels and their artists.
  • Thumbplay's streaming on demand music app has been approved by Apple making it, according to the company,  the first on all three major platforms (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) which combined have 85% of the U.S. smartphone market.
  • Big Media Has Trouble Collecting Pirate Bay Fines – Due to several verdicts against them, The Pirate Bay team were ordered to pay the entertainment industries $6 million in fines. As predicted, actually getting hold of the money is not going to be an easy job for them. Thus far, the debt collecting agency has only seized $30,000 of the total sum. (TorrentFreak)
  • Music's New Entrepreneurs -  From videogames to cookbooks, rockers are experimenting with ways to connect with their fans' hearts and wallets. (Forbes)
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