More Music Industry News: Vringo’s $11M, Bing Finds Music, Rdio, 3M iPads, US 3 Strikes & More

  • Vringo, a provider of video ringtones has priced its IPO at $11 million. It's expected close on our
    image from musically.com about June 25th. (press release)
  • Bing adds music features to it's search engine. (Music Ally)
  • Why MySpace failed. Or when you kill the user experience, you kill yourself. (Wesley Verhoeve)

  • image from cdn.venturebeat.com Music Reports has a new deal with Rdio
    , the new social music service from the founders of Skype and Kazaa, to administer the mechanical licensing and royalty accounting for Rdio’s music subscription service in the United States. Rdio's iPhone app also won approval.
  • Google Needs to Decide Which Side of the Music Industry Fence It Is On.(Forrester's Mark Mulligan)
  • VEVO is partnering with Schick Hydro to launch a channel dedicated to showcasing emerging artists. (press release)
  • Jammie Thomas lawyer not hopeful on mediation, (CNet)
  • One man's struggle with Universal, YouTube and the DMCA. (SiliconAngle)
  • Apple sells 3 million iPads in 80 days. (Apple)
  • Sonos announces a very cool looking iPad app for its music syatem. (TechCrunch)
  • US Department of Justice dismisses criticism of Live Nation Ticketmaster merger. (Billboard)
  • Why Digital Music Is a Terrible Business That Google Should Embrace. (MediaMemo)
  • Major Labels Begin Major Astroturfing Campaign To Get 3 Strikes In The US. (Techdirt)

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