More Music Industry News: Dre On Leaks, mSpot, SanDisk, Marky Ramone, Friendly Music & More


  • Dr. Dre 'Didn't Even Get A Chance To Finish' Leaked Song 'Under Pressure' –  The Doc laments online leak: 'It's just one of the things we have to deal with in the business today.' (MTV)

  • image from mashable.com mSpot
    launches a cloud based music locker for PC and smartphone play. (press release)
  • 5 Free Ways To Find Local Concerts on Your Smartphone (Mashable)
  • Branded Entertainment Set to Surge – Increased spending in the sector is expected to continue unabated. (AdWeek)
  • SanDisk CEO Eli Harari proves he's no flash in the pan. (USA Today)
  • Marky Ramone sues over $175,000 in unpaid royalties. (TMZ)
  • Rumblefish's Friendly Music for YouTube videos has gone live. (TechCrunch)
  • Swedish ISP Blocks The Pirate Bay Following Injunction – Last month one of three injunctions obtained by Hollywood lawyers required that Swedish ISP Black Internet must stop providing access to the world’s most famous BitTorrent site. The provider has just complied with the court order and in turn became the first in Sweden to cut their customers off from the site.(Torrentfreak
  • R.I.P. – Original KISS manager Bill Aucoin.
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