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Apple: Be Geo-Tracked Or No Downloads From iTunes
Court Says YouTube Not Guilty Of Infringment In Viacom Case

More Music Industry News: IFPI Shakeup, New Zune MP3, Free Bronfman, TuneCore + Spotify & More

  • John Kennedy steps down and Frances Moore is the new CEO of the IFPI.
  • image from Microsoft has revamped its Zune mp3 music store.  No more Zune credits - just a straight credit card purchase. (paidContent). Viacom says it will appeal but this is a major victory for YouTube.
  • Court says YouTube not guilty of infringement in Viacom case. (Hypebot)
  • French prosecutor: Ex-Vivendi execs Messier and Bronfman should be acquitted of charges of duping investors. (AP)
  • The Harry Fox Agency is providing royalty administration services for MediaNet Digital.
  • TuneCore has added Spotify to the list of digital music platforms to which it can deliver music.
  • The music industry is singing the blues over piracy and a massive decline in revenues. Two startups - MOG and Rdio - are looking for opportunity amidst all of the chaos. (Portfolio)
  • How Warner Music and Its Musicians Are Combating Declining Album Sales. (Fast Company)
  • Nashville indie label Golden Music is shutting down. (Music Row)
  • The new iPhone 4 is getting rave reviews. Here NY Times tech critic David Pogue weighs in.
  • NPR Music keeps growing. (NY Times