MP3Tunes To Offer Free 10G Music Lockers

Hypebot Has 150 Free Priority Codes

image from www.ucsdcycling.org Rumors are flying about an Apple and other music in the cloud services. No one knows exactly what they have in mind, but several companies have been offering their own versions of music in the cloud for months. For example, 7Digital let's users store music they've purchased for playback anywhere.

But few, if any, have the depth of experience with cloud music storage as Michael Robertson and his MP3tunes.com. Their open locker lets users stream and download their music to almost any device – PC, smartphones, set top box, game console, etc.  The founder of the original MP3.com, Robertson claims 500,000 users storing hundreds of petabytes of music.


MP3tunes.com is in the process of launching free10GB lockers and Hypebot has priority 150 invites. If you use the priority code hypebot, you'll get access now. Click here and be sure to use the hypebot priority code.

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