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Overheard @ Day 2 Of Scion’s Music(less) Music Conference In Los Angeles

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music, a website dedicated to helping musicians thrive in a post-label world.scion_logo_bw

"Beware of the phrase 'standard industry practice.' Artists needs to understand that the music industry exists to make money for the music industry. If Brian Eno wants to have dinner with you, understand that dinner with Brian Eno is basically a job interview for Brian Eno." – David Wm. Sims, CPA and bassist for the Jesus Lizard

"[Cloud-based music storage] is gonna be out of fashion in a year, and by then there'll be something else." – Patrick Faucher, CTO and co-founder of Nimbit

"For downloads, I don't see subscription-based download services working." – Jeff Price, CEO of Tunecore

"I think people would rather see 20 high quality photos of a show that happened last night than read 500 high quality words." – Village Voice music editor Rob Harvilla

"If you say 'I'm not interested in the money side of the music business,' then, as an artist, you're not working toward your interests. You're working for somebody else." – Oli Isaacs, founder of This is Music

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