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ASCAP Lawsuits Target 21 Venues In 13 States

image from www.textually.org As is does periodically, ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) yesterday filed 21 separate lawsuits against nightclubs, bars and restaurants in 13 states claiming infringement. According to the performing rights society, each establishment refused to obtain a license or pay the fees owed, but continued to perform ASCAP members' music without permission.

A full list of venues:

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HOW TO: Build A Twitter Strategy for Your Band

Megan Berry, a Marketing Manager for Klout, has written a great overview of the questions that businesses need to ask themsevles and consider before crafting a Twitter strategy.  Her five insights are just as applicable to your next band meeting on social media as they are for the boardroom. (via Mashable)twitter-logo

Strategy For Your Band:

  1. Choose Your Audience - Who do you want to reach?
  2. Understand How They Speak - Listen.  Then share.
  3. How Much is a Twitter Lead Worth? - Determine value.
  4. Set A Goal and Track It - Define goals.  Allign metrics with success. 
  5. Define Your Approach - Find a style that matches the cause.

MySpace360Wizard Launch & Account Giveaway

MySpace360Wizard gives artists an easy and relatively cheap way to design their MySpace profile.  Normally, this type of profile generator isn't something I get too excited about, but it seems like the right artist might find this service to be useful.  If you have your information and music well organized, you can have a new MySpace page in less than an hourno coding knowledge required.


To take a look at an example of a band currently using a MySpace360Wizard profile, go here.  It's a rather smoothly developed profile and the main selling point is the added navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.  For artists that frequently update their pages, as new promotions roll out, the one-time fee of $99 might not be that bad.  After that, all updates to the page are free.  The crew behind the site has given us 10 free accounts to give away to our readers.

First 10 readers to comment below win. 

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More Industry News: BPI Targets Google, Rapid Share Kills Rewards, Live Nation, Eminem & More

  • image from davidcoethica.files.wordpress.com Google targeted by BPI for linking to illegal downloads. - UK recording industry association sends cease-and-desist order to search engine, asking it to remove links to infringing websites. (Guardian
  • RapidShare Kills Reward Program Over Piracy Concerns - RapidShare will no longer offer incentives to users who share popular content. After having stopped cash payouts for their rewards program some time ago, RapidShare has now decided to discontinue the entire program. The file-hosting service cites complaints by copyright holders that the rewards were facilitating piracy as the reason for this move. (Torrent Freak)
  • Live Nation has named Mike Evans to the newly created position of President of Arenas.  Evans, who comes from facility management frim SMG,  will oversee Live Nation managed arenas. 
  • Matt Pincus, the CEO of Songs Music Publishing, has been named to the National Music Publishers' Association's (NMPA) Board of Directors.
  • Music business badly needs Eminem's "Recovery" (Reuters)
  • Rob Shelby asks the interesting question: Why not have an band that’s completely ad supported?
  • image from blog.cakewalk.com The summer session of Berklee College of Music's online school starts June 28th. There's still time to enroll I've really enjoyed teaching a section of The Future Of Music course for Berklee and been impressed by the quality of the students and their desire to not just participate in, but also to help shape the new music industry.
  • NARM is sponsoring a free online seminar this week providing an overview of the Topspin direct to fan music marketing and sales platform. Sign up hereHypebot Favicon
  • Hypebot Email Changes - If you follow Hypebot posts via email, you may notice that its arriving in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the night.  We wanted to share the day's news in a more timely fashion, and this is the first of many changes that we're making to the daily email including breaking news alerts and bonus email only content. Sign up here.

Crowd Sourcing EMI's 1369 Lies

image from www.businessweek.com Michael Robertson Crowd Sources MP3Tune's Legal Defense

When EMI sued MP3.com founder Michael Roberston startup MP3Tunes complaining about it's music search engine Sideload that links to publicly available songs, they claimed that they never put music files online as free downloads. Therefore, according to EMI, all songs on Sideload are unauthorized and the site is promoting piracy. 

To point out the absurdity of the claim (What label doesn't give away some music for promotional purposes?), Robertson asked the site's users to help find example of EMI songs available as promotional downloads online. A few months later, they've collected 1369.

EMI Still In Denial plus The List Of Free Songs

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110B Minutes Spent On Social Networks & Blogs

Neilson, the market research firm, has published statistics saying that “the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites each month.  This equates to 22% of all time online.  They report that 3 of the world’s most popular brands online are Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia.  Not that artists needed another reason to make sure they use social media.


Ariel Hyatt On The Power Of Friendship

On the eve of her birthday, music marketing and PR specialist Ariel Hyatt took a moment to recognize the great friends in her life that helped her along the way and made her career in the music industry possible.  It's an inspiring post and a small reminder that most days we all get by with a little help from our friends

From Music Think Tank:

Ariel_Hyatt_9"[There] is no luck in the music business. Luck comes concurrently with dedication and hard work and by having others help you along your journey. My journey would look profoundly different without youThank you from the bottom of my soul for all you do for me..."

Mixlr: Share Live Music On The Web

mixlrExclusive: Free Broadcast Codes

Broadcasting DJs and live acts online can be surprisingly hard. Mixlr provides a simple way for musicians to share live music on the web.  That means that means no more messing around with IP addresses and ports, or trying to make a video streaming service do something it's not meant to.  With the service artists can broadcast live audio, publish live sets to the web, upload prerecorded recordings, and get direct feedback from their listeners.

The site integrates tightly with Facebook and Twitter, allows real-time comments that help recreate the natural feedback loop between audience and live performer, and has an iPhone app on the way. Best of all, it only takes one click to export your live performance to SoundCloud when you're finished.

Readers can sign-up to the site and use the code HYPEBOT to get 2 hours of live broadcasting credit and 10 hours of upload time for free.

Songness: A Critical Site Review

Songness,” as their press release announces, “is a new music discovery site designed to help fans find and share great new songs among the millions offered by independent artists on the Internet.”  Put differently, “we are using vague terms that inevitably lump the mission of our site in with the fifty other ones that no one has ever heard of.”  After reading things like that and further promises, I felt compelled to go to their new site and try to discover some music for myself.


The first thing that’s disconcerting is that in order to play any music on the site I had to go through the registration process.  It seems like it would be common sense to let users try out some of the basic functionality of the site before you force them to give up their information, but that’s me.  Registration just gives newcomers a reason to leave.  After doing so, I'm back at the center of the homepage, there is a categorization system that allows me to select the type of music that’s the most relevant, but to be honest, it’s less than useful.

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Overheard @ Day 2 Of Scion's Music(less) Music Conference In Los Angeles

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music, a website dedicated to helping musicians thrive in a post-label world.scion_logo_bw

"Beware of the phrase 'standard industry practice.' Artists needs to understand that the music industry exists to make money for the music industry. If Brian Eno wants to have dinner with you, understand that dinner with Brian Eno is basically a job interview for Brian Eno." - David Wm. Sims, CPA and bassist for the Jesus Lizard

"[Cloud-based music storage] is gonna be out of fashion in a year, and by then there'll be something else." - Patrick Faucher, CTO and co-founder of Nimbit

"For downloads, I don't see subscription-based download services working." - Jeff Price, CEO of Tunecore

"I think people would rather see 20 high quality photos of a show that happened last night than read 500 high quality words." - Village Voice music editor Rob Harvilla

"If you say 'I'm not interested in the money side of the music business,' then, as an artist, you're not working toward your interests. You're working for somebody else." - Oli Isaacs, founder of This is Music

More Music Industry News: EMI Updates, INgrooves + VEVO, Muziic, BT Digital Nominations & More

UPDATE 2image from audiosuede.com
  • An interview with new EMI CEO Roger Faxon on his plans for the label and publishing group.(Billboard)
  • What EMI's Repositioning Means. (Forrester's Mark Mulligan)
  • Digital distributor INgrooves has signed on to make its indie label partner's top videos available through VEVO. Universal, Sony and EMI already use the VEVO platform to deliver and monetize video content across the web.
  • Muziic Has Streamed 250 Million Music Videos To Date, But Will It Last? (TechCrunchThis self-funded father/son starup will continue to thrive if the major rights holders have the sense to leave it alone. Thom Yorke
  • Thom Yorke is wrong to write off the music industry. - The Radiohead frontman has advised aspiring musicians to steer clear of major labels. But an evolving industry may still have a role to play in helping artists – even Yorke. (Guardian)
  • Nominations are open for the UK's annual BT Digital Music Awards in 10 categories ranging from best artists, to marketing to apps. (BT)
  • The Harry Fox Agency has entered into a ringtone licensing agreement with U.S. ringtone provider Zed for the HFA catolog.
  • Find Your Musical Soulmate with a New Dating Site (Mashable)
  • Music Piracy Arrives on the Phone Via Google's Android. (PC Magazine)
  • Microsoft to Boost Bing's Music, TV, Movies, Game Search (PC World)

REWIND: The Music Industry's Week In Review



Redeye Distribution Adds Marsalis & Welch Labels

Redeye Distribution has added to artist lead indie labels to its roster: Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings’ record label Acony Records and Branford Marsalis’ label Marsalis Music.  Both artists have been released via major and larger independent labels in the past.image from www.romopr.com Acony Records and Marsalis Music join such indie labels as Barsuk, Yep Roc, Kill Rock Stars, Thrill Jockey  and Daptone and such individual artists as Josh Ritter, Sun Kil Moon and Martin Sexton  distributed nationally by Redeye. Marsalis Music is gearing up for an August release by the Marsalis Family.

Trust & The Social Consumer

If you subscribe to the concept that (at least sometimes) the band is a brand and the fan is at their core a consumer, there is something to be learned from the new Nielson Consumer 360 study.

"Consumers expect brands to be listening,”  Pete Blackshaw , Nielson EVP of Digital Strategic Services concluded in summing up the new study. “It’s a no-blink environment.” Consumers aren’t always paying attention to your marketing message, according to the study, but they're always paying attention to each other. Loyalty is in no way a lock for today’s consumer who is constantly reevaluating. In this new environment friends and family followed by social media and bloggers have considerably more influence than traditional media.

image from blog.nielsen.com

EMI Restructures, Roger Faxon Will Head Both Record Labels And Publishing

image from audiosuede.com (UPDATED) EMI announced a major restructuring this morning combining its successful publishing arm with its struggling recorded music division. Former EMI Publishing head Roger Faxon has been named Group Chief Executive  and Charles Allen formerly non-Executive Chairman of EMI Recorded Music will become an adviser to EMI and its shareholder, Terra Firma.

"A Global Rights Managment Company"

"More music is being used than ever before, despite the continued decline in global music revenues," the company said in a statement released this morning. "As a result, the management structure of EMI is being changed to enable the company to reposition itself as a comprehensive rights management company that can take full advantage of all global opportunities in all markets for music."

More Reassignments:

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Overheard @ Day 1 Of Scion's Music(less) Music Conference In Los Angeles

This guest post is by Max Willens, editor of We All Make Music, a website dedicated to helping musicians thrive in a post-label world.

"If I charged more for what I do, then everybody would start nickel and diming one another, and the whole thing would just fall apart." Black Lips' Joe Bradley, on why he doesn't take extra money for his role as the band's tour manager.

image from www.cartype.com "On average, fans pay 50% more than the minimum amount set by artists." Bandcamp's Ethan Diamond on  his site's pay what you want option.

"When you sign with a record label, you'd better have your team together, because there's no money for artist development anymore. All you can hope for is some marketing and ad money." Jayson Jackson, former VP Marketing & Promo, Bad Boy Entertainment.

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More Music Industry News: MySpace Co-Prez Exits, Guvera Stats, Facebook's $800M, Masterbeat & More

  • image from mddailyrecord.com MySpace Co-President Jason Hirschhorn Exits. (Hypebot
  • MySpace Calls For Branding Help In Advance Of Site Relaunch.(paidContent)
  • Guvera gives first stats on its ad-supported music service. (Music Ally)
  • Chris Anderson and Malcolm Gladwell debate free. (Nielson)
  • Report: Facebook's 2009 revenue was almost $800 million. (Mashable)
  • Measuring popularity in online music: social media, maths & the influence of fans.(Interactive Cultures)
  • Dispute Over File Sharing's Harm to Music Sales Plays Again. (Chronicle Of Higher Education)
  • Music marketer Scott Feldman shares some early results from his test comparing the Topspin and Nimbit platforms. (ScottFeldman.net)
  • TuneCore has partnered with Jango Internet Radio for a TuneCore Artist-only radio station. TuneCore will program a playlist of 57 songs by 57 artists bi-weekly. (Jango)
  • image from stylishcorpse.files.wordpress.com Assassinate a Pop Star By Illegally Downloading Music: Anti-piracy campaigns come and go every other month – most of them are either endlessly boring or end up becoming an object of ridicule. A new one just launched takes the form of a site which appears to offer free downloads from top artists, but with a twist. Clicking to download results in various pop stars meeting a grisly end by a bullet to the head or a careless hand grenade. (TorrentFreak)
  • What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from OK Go. (ReadWriteStart)
  • Masterbeat Corp, an online music retailer, said that it has signed a letter of intent to merge with AudioStreet, a privately-held conglomerate of media website communities focused on music-based content. (press release)

MySpace Co-President Jason Hirschhorn Exits

(Updated) After just months after being named the Co-President of MySpace, Jason Hirschhorn has resigned. First this twee came this afternoon:

Then at 5PM this official statement was released from Jon Miller, the Chief Digital Officer of parent News Corporation: "We fully respect Jason’s decision to leave and his personal desire to return to New York.   As many people know, Jason is like family to me, and as expected, he’s done everything we asked of him and more.  We’re incredibly grateful for the passion and enthusiasm he brought to the company.  And as I know Jason agrees, Mike Jones has done an outstanding job leading MySpace into its next evolution and is the right person to take the reins.  There are no plans to bring in additional management."

The departure comes a MySpace's traffic continues to decline.

GigsWiz Opens Free Beta To All Artists

GigsWiz has opened its free fan request widget to all artists.  Still in open beta, the service is designed to to help bands and their agents quantify the demand for gigs geographically, and help them make better decisions on where to play.  Hard stas, Gigwiz hopes, will make it much easier for agents to convince local promoters to book their bands.


The service enables bands to place a widegt on their website and Facebook  and MySpace pages, allowing them to collect gig requests from fans. GigsWiz then stores these requests and lets bands manage and utilize the data in the back-end. The service is now in open beta and you can join for free here.

Be MTV's First Twitter Jock & Earn $100,000

A Hypebot Reader's Dream Job

Music, Social Networking And Money!

image from www.mtv.com

MTV and American Express have started a contest to find the social voice of MTV - aka the networks first Twitter Jock. Nominate yourself or "your favorite social media superstar" to win access to red carpet events, "hot celebrities" (OK. they just lost me.) and a $100,000 salary.  Read on...

PS: Please don't nominate Kyle. It be a big raise for him, but he just started here full time this week.

Gerald Casale Of Devo: "Marketing Is Everything."


In this interview featured on Marketplace, Gerald Casale, founder of the group Devo, talks about his journey to recording a new album and reentering the music industry with his former group, for the first time in 20 years.  This short except from his talk with Kai Ryssdal proved to be the most interesting part:

"the implosion of the music business in general, the functions of labels are almost gone, people have devalued music in terms of its cultural importance and they feel they shouldn't even have to pay for it. And with all the home-recording techniques, everybody puts out CDs and everybody thinks they can become the next huge act by using social networking like Facebook or MySpace. And it's all largely an illusion. What's happened is that so many CDs are put out per month, possibly 10,000 a month. Nobody can possibly even know half the music that exists out there. And so marketing is everything. Marketing is the end-all, be-all of our society."

Music Publishers File Suit To Shut Down LimeWire

After RIAA Success, Publishers Demand $150,000 Per Song

Eight memimage from 
spagepublishing.combers of the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) have filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against LimeWire. The suit follows a recent action filed by the RIAA that resulted in a court decision holding LimeWire liable for inducing copyright infringement leaving and leaving the company just days to show why the service image from www.mp3.ltd.uk should not be shut down. The publishers’ suit is filed as a related case. 

The music publishers filed the lawsuit against LimeWire and its top executives in US District Court for the Southern District of New York. They  are asking $150,000 for each song illegally distributed  by the company which could bring total damages to hundreds of millions of dollars.

"Pervasive online infringement...
has consequences for everyone in the music chain."

The eight plaintiffs come from the ranks of North America's top music publishers including companies affiliated with all four major label groups: EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Bug Music, MPL Music Publishing, Peermusic, and The Richmond Organization. Named as defendants are LimeWire LLC, Lime Group LLC, LimeWire CEO Mark Gorton, former COO and CTO Greg Bildson, and M.J.G. LimeWire Family Limited Partnership. 

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YouTube Introduces Free Video Editing Tool

With the introduction of YouTube’s free editing tool, it's clear that Google is extending its cloud computing initiatives beyond the consumption of content to enabling the creation of it too.  The new editor, though basic in application, is intended to help users easily navigate tasks such as trimming their videos or constructing longer montages from several clips.  In democratizing this editing tool, YouTube has given their video-sharing site a new found creative aspect that can be utilized both by artists and fans.


Watch A Short Demo:

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Bandwidth Music | Technology Conference To Meet

On August 19 and 20 image from www.bandwidthconference.com

The Bandwidth Music | Technology Conference takes place on August 19 and 20 in San Francisco. This year's event will feature speakers from LimeWire, Beggars Group, IODA, and A2IM, with a special keynote by Jac Holzman, the former CEO and  Creative Head of Elektra Records (1950) and Nonesuch Records (1964), who is now serving as Senior Advisor to WMG's Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Other Featured Speakers At  Conference:

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More Music Industry News: Bebo Lives, Heritage Acts Sell Music, Rock Band 3. iTunes 9.2 & More

  • image from www.i102104.ie AOL To Sell Bebo To Investor Group For Around $10 Million (TechCrunch)
  • Music for the older set climbs the CD charts - Modest sellers shining in download era. (Boston Globe)
  • You, the D.J. - Online music moves to the cloud. (New Yorker)
  • Hands on: Rock Band 3 instruments reward real skill. (ars)
  • Glee, Twilight, Aguilera Top The Chart (FMQB)
  • iTunes 9.2 Preps Users For iOS 4 (Mashable)
  • image from adeli.files.wordpress.com Are Bad Copyright Laws Killing Jazz And Harming Jazz Musicians? (Techdirt)
  • Miley Cyrus will stream a live concert to MTV sites worldwide to promo her new album (press release)

Google Music Store Or iTunes In The Cloud By Fall?

Michael Robertson Predicts No Cloud Based iTunes In 2010

It's no secret that Google is getting progressively more involved with music. TechCrunch recently even found a Google Music url and logo. Now CNET is reporting that, according to multiple industry sources, Google could launch a music service with downloads and streaming as early as this fall.

image from tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.comGoogle's purchase of Simplify Media, which enabled users to stream songs from their computer to other web enabled devices helped set the stage. Then, Google approached several major label executives during the Consumer Electronics Show early this year. They told the labels that a Google Music store would include digital downloads and streaming music tied to Google's search results.  It's an obvious value proposition: you found it here; so why not listen and buy it here?

image from www.neurosoftware.ro The Race Is On: Google vs. iTunes vs...

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Video: How Nimbit's Scott Feldman Got Ian Rogers, ASCAP's Lavinia Wright & An Attorney To Do His Bidding... And Hypebot's Bruce Houghton To Embarrass Himself

If I'm going to talk the talk about the value of creative marketing than I have to walk the walk.

So when Nimbit's marketing guru Scott Feldman asked me, along with Ian Rogers of Topspin, attorney Ricky Berger and Lavinia Wright from ASCAP's marketing department (and a few others who chickened out) to help him create a little video fun explaining his typical work day to his bosses, I said yes.

Scott sent us each a script and not knowing how the others would handle their parts, I decided to go for it.  The results are a bit embarrassing. I already knew I couldn't act, but the high notes that my voice hits while being strangled... well that's another story entirely.

Facebook: Promising Numbers In Video Advertising

A recent TubeMogul study sampled 25 video advertising major campaigns that ran identical videos within Facebook ad units and comparable click-to-play video ad units on publisher sites.  What they found is that Facebook as a top-ten video site is home to some of the most engaged viewers online.

For those interesting in getting the most of their video advertising efforts - artists, companies, and otherwise - the results of this study and the charts they developed suggest that Facebook might very well be your best bet: