Pandora: “The Kleenex Of Music Discovery”

In a new report from Edison Reseach, Tom Webster writes that Pandora is poised to be "the Kleenex of music discovery".  They asked a representative sample of Americans who had ever listened to Internet-only audio what brands they could recall in the space. Amongst all Internet-only radio listeners, Pandora was on top, with 28% of the sample recalling the online music service. However, amongst frequent social networkers, this unaided recall figure soared to 40%.

Webster emphasizes:

"PandoraLogo-smallThe secret to owning music discovery online isn't about the music it's about the data around that music. In the case of music recommendations online, the data that will increasingly give music meaning is going to be context, not collaborative filtering. That context is going to come from my friendsFacebook and Pandora have given those content creators the tools to easily "like" music and share it… We may be rapdily approaching the day when "let me Pandora that to you" becomes as common as "let me Skype you" or "you can just EBay that." Pass the Kleenex."

See The Chart After The Jump.

pandora recall.031



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