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Paradox or Paradise: Music Choice in the Digital Age

In my new essay on our sister blog Music Think Tank, I expand the scope of my previous essay , The Paradox of Music: Is More, Really Less, and explore the paradoxes of choice overload in culture. I try to determine whether or not the web has created a “paradise of music” for fans.  The answer is surprising and slightly disconcerting. - Kyle Bylin


From The Essay: When combined, these paradoxical effects of choice overload in culture provide insight into why it is that, by and large, most fans in the digital age are still characterized by their passive consumption of music especially at a time when many artists are trying to provide them with endless opportunities to become actively engaged in their careers.  If the future of the record and music industries depends on increased prevalence of actively engaged fans then it’s worth asking:  Is there such a thing as a “paradise of music?”  Find out the answer here.