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Refe Tuma: Cold Pitching & Social Media

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image from Contrary to what some self-proclaimed social media gurus might suggest, social media is not well suited for direct sales and conversions

Social media allows you to find, engage with, and develop potential fans, customers and clientsnot pitch them a product cold.

What does that mean for artistsStop sending out tweets like "Buy our album!" or "Check out our merchandise!" or "Give us money for a new van!"

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Instead, develop relationships first, drive them to your site and convert them into buyers or contributors there. People expect to spend money on websites, but trying to pitch them in a social media context will only leave a sour taste in their mouths.

Refe Tuma, author of Creative Deconstruction

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  1. It’s like trying to sell vacuums at a networking event. That’s just not how it works – make some connections, buy a few people a drink, and give out your business cards. Then, once you’ve found somebody who may need a new vacuum, go for the sale after following up.

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