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Ryan Van Etten: “Social Media Is An Epic Win.”

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# mashsmday #smday) Social media is frictionless communication. There are no roadblocks between me and the world and I love that. It makes the world feel sryan-van-etten_2010_C6-5_300bmaller in that way, but at the same time bigger when I realize how much creative content is out there, and how quickly it can be amplified. It's an epic win for society because it empowers pawns and fosters synergy.

Ryan Van Etten, Editor/Producer of

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  1. Well said — it’s amazing how powerful that empowers pawns part is. It levels the playing field dramatically and gives opportunities to so many people that wouldn’t have had them otherwise.

  2. Of course, the fact that no meaningful long term income is being produced and constant attention to details and reinvention of persona is required to keep from drowning in a tsunami of competitive offerings of varying degrees of mediocrity shouldn’t be of concern.

  3. Meaningful long-term income is being produced, but not for everybody. It’s just a matter of identifying the groups that are successful and the patterns they are following…

  4. ^well said Dekema
    Its not all just about the income IMO either, its about connecting with like mind people, fostering relationships, empowering communities, gaining prominence/share of voice and being apart of something bigger.
    All the reasons why religions win.

  5. @Steve Thanks—leveling the playing field is a terrific outlook.
    @Tonso 1st, to me, income and awesomeness are not related. 2nd, I’d rather have surplus of choices than a shortage, and I think that most people do find their own way to filter for the content that is the best in their mind. 3rd, the physical world is so vast that one could never visit every part of it. Why should the digital world be any different?

  6. Yup—everything is still pretty new and experimental. With more and more users adding to the picture, the patterns get easier to see. When A-1 information is identified, it spreads crazy fast.

  7. Exactly—it’s wide-scale global awesomeness! I think subconsciously everyone wants to be part of something bigger, and all this user-driven media really helps fulfill that sense of purpose whether people realize it or not.

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