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WMG’s Bronfman Says “Drop The Charges”

Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s attorney has asked a Paris court to drop insider trading charges claiming that he was part of a group of then Vivendi executives that misled investors.

“Mr. Bronfman should not be before this court,” his attorney George Kiejman said claiming that the investigating judge should never have sent Bronfman to trial “without any explanation.” Bronfman had been cleared by investigators in 2009, the attorney told the judges yesterday on the first day of the trial. 

"Did we make strategic errors? Yes, undoubtedly. I take responsibility for them," Jean-Marie Messier, one of 7 co-defendants and Bronfman's boss at Vivdendi told the court. "Certain decisions which I took, which we took collectively, turned out not to have been the best. I certainly made mistakes."

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  2. I hate it that when I read stuff like this it makes me want to bronf.

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