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30 Tips For The Typical Musician

There are two new posts up over at Music Think Tank.  One is from Jon Ostrow titled Reality TV Killed The Rockstar. But Is That So Bad; it is on the role of transparency in careers of artists.  The other, by Mike Venti of the Wayward Musician blog; he gives 30 tips for the typical musician. Here just are a few:

  • Practice one hour a day. However, feel free to skip practice if there is something more interesting going on. 
  • Play the same piece over and over again. Never try to deconstruct the music and figure out how and why it works.
  • Convince yourself that taking music lessons is out of the question, since all your favourite musicians were self taught.
  • Use only tabs and chord charts to learn new songs. Never try to figure it out by ear, it's simply too frustrating. (Read the rest…)  
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